The Predator backpack for notebook

Predator backpack I bought on Aliexpress for carrying in the first place, laptop. I wish there was a laptop in a protected space, plus we’d have some space for companion tools: charger, mouse, etc., plus shoes and a couple of books to throw.

Bought it for about$ 20 here from this seller. Liked the amount of feedback in General about his store as backpacks, plus found just such a design that they wanted.

At first I thought that for a backpack, even a Predator, $ 20 is a lot. After all, it’s Aliexpress, China. But when I received it, did not regret it.

The quality of the material excellent, the seams are all clear, nothing to complain about brand.

My laptop Acer Swift 1 size 13 inch found a place in a special compartment right behind. In fact, you can fit a laptop up to 16 inches, but special thick Velcro strap just creates so much space as necessary for a tight joining of smaller computers. I think up to 12 inches will be fine, less — is the strap will not save and will need something to enclose to seal.

In front there is another smaller connector, there is a separate pocket for mouse, a separate bottom compartment for the charger with wire, well, well up above my large headphones Kotion G9000 MIC.

The material is very dense, soft and waterproof. Must protect not only from rain but also from the impressive blows.

As I said above, the back separates the soft «cushion». But it is porous, which will save your back from sweating.

The Predator backpack with two wide straps, they allow you to distribute the load on the shoulders so that she barely felt and definitely not rubbing. The straps are made of the same porous material.

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Review: overall I am very happy and the result was even more than expected actually. We immediately became friends with this backpack, would recommend. If you do not like this extremely laconic and strict design, from the same seller on Aliexpress have similar backpacks, but the other design here. I think everyone can find something to taste.