The platen for massage and fitness

Any exercise though the fitness club, even at home, over and You’re left with tight muscles and pain in them. Of course a little help stretching and a sauna, but nothing beats a good massage.

When miniature, hand-held massagers did not bring any benefit, my yoga instructor and joint the gym told me to try silicone massage cushion.

The contents

  1. Where to order
  2. Sizes and about contraindications
  3. Exercise options
  4. For the spine
  5. Conclusion
  6. Video

Where to order

Decided to order on Aliexpress, so as the cost of such roller brand Copozz two times cheaper than the sites with sports equipment. Bought here on this page Ali.

The order arrived at the nearest post office in just 18 (!!!!) days. Such fast delivery of goods from Aliexpress I was not.

Cushion Copozz was Packed in bubble wrap and a package of thick polyethylene. No scratches or dents were not. Just the perfect item with fast delivery.

Sizes and about contraindications

Size: length – 30 cm, diameter 9.5 – 10 cm base tube made of durable plastic, top ribbed surface of the silicone. The cushion is quite hard. When strong pressure is applied it’s a little rumpled, and then returns the same form. The cushion is divided into 4 segments:

  • two big massage bumps: 1*6.5 5.5*6.5 cm;
  • two small bulges of 1.2*0.6 cm

The alternation of different segments, during rolling of the roller body worked different muscle groups with varying tightness of contact.

On the page with the order there is a picture with examples of 10 exercises. Although the instructions to the roller I invested, I became involved on this picture. For beginners these massage exercises is enough.

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When I wanted diversity, began to look for video instructions on the Internet. There I learned that the roller cannot be used for massage of the spine and neck. For the spine and neck can recommend a special pillow Massage Pillow and therapeutic tourmaline vest. Or read below about the alignment of the spine in a different way.

Use only for soft tissues. As for the neck and spine are very many adjacent nerve endings and is quite easy to corrupt, massaging so hard roller.

Exercise options

My most used massage cushion:

  • Conveniently sitting on the floor, stretch the hands with straight arms on the part of the cushion with small bumps and roll it along the length of the palm.
  • Lying on the floor to put the knees bent feet on the roll and laminating the entire length of the foot. Separately perform with large and small bumps.
  • Sit on the floor with an emphasis on both hands, stretch your legs, under the Shin to put the massage cushion. Lean on hands, roll massage roller along the entire length of the Shin from the ankle to the knee. In a similar way to massage hips, laminating from knee to buttocks.
  • For massage of the buttocks must sit on the cushion and put one leg over the other. Relying on the arms and legs to roll the roller over the entire length of the buttocks. Repeat twice with the same leg.
  • Lie on the cushion back, placing it at the middle of the ribs. Legs bent at the knees. Hands to close to the castle at the back. The torso should be parallel to the floor.
  • Head and neck with your spinal column and not zaprokidyvaya. In this level position with your legs to roll the roller across the upper back up and down without touching the neck and lower back.
  • To repeat massage, massage cushion, turning 90 degrees. Rolling will be carried out from right to left.
  • Standing, position this item is between the upper part of the back and the wall. Laminating as in the previous exercise.
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To complicate the movements of massage can be sitting on an imaginary chair or polusognuv feet.

For the spine

For alignment of the spine cushion can be use as a massager and as a prop. This positioning cushion large bulges up in the middle of the ribs.

Stretch your legs so that the big toes touch and your heels were apart. Raised above the head hands, put them on the floor palms down, fingers extended all fingers and touching fingers. In this position, to be no more than five minutes.

The location of the roller in this activity can be changed by moving it along the entire length of the spine. But the total time should not exceed five minutes.


In conclusion, massage cushion, this is an Amateur method of self-massage. Do not abuse them and make it a panacea for all ailments.

Interesting way to massage and exercises at home, nothing more. Quite a good tool for recovery after exercise, for the treatment of muscle pain, improve efficiency and flexibility.

Massage cushion Copozz increases blood flow to the place of massage and removes it from tissue accumulated during physical activity lactic acid.

P. S. if you apply a roller to your ear, you can hear the sound China sea (joke). Once again, I bought it on Aliexpress here.