The ping-pong paddle DHS 6002

Husband is keen on table tennis, so I gave him a new racket. Decided to order on Aliexpress, since the previous one purchased at a major sporting goods store had collapsed. The choice fell on this seller and Maicca classic racket with a long handle — model DHS 6002.

To Moscow the racket was driving 3 weeks, which is very good for Aliexpress, also a bonus is a great case for the racket, so in a way it was not injured.

High-quality rubber, does not stink, as he wrote other sellers feedback in the hand is wonderful, not heavy, balls spins as it should.

The quality of the wood is good for six months of use cracks appeared, not cracked, all the layers — internal and external — remain in the same condition as upon delivery.

Initially on the side of the racket was glued to the portrait of the famous Chinese tennis player, he quickly came unstuck, the game is not affected.

From myself I will add that in my opinion it is more suitable for the attack, although defense is also to cope adequately. Of course, designed for game not professional but for an Amateur or a beginner this racket model DHS 6002 will be an excellent assistant for table tennis.

For 1500 roubles it is a great racket for playing table tennis! Like the originals cost 1.5-2 times more expensive, but I’m not sure it’s a fake because the quality is high.

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