The minicomputer on a Windows HISTOU Core i7 5550U

Want to do a review I purchased minicomputer «HISTOU» model Core I7 5550U. Did not expect from such small-size things, such unique settings! Bought on Aliexpress here on this page.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Gaming power
  3. Conclusion


First — I was surprised by the compact size of the system unit, namely, only 17.5 x 13 cm and a thickness of only about 4 centimeters! Lightweight aluminum alloy housing. The device weighs only 1600 grams.

Original design. On the front panel is only a power button and four USB-3. Other connectors (+9pcs., usb2, HDMI, WI-FI, etc.) is very compact and conveniently located on the rear panel.

When you turn on the minicomputer no no noise as on a conventional system units, because the computer has no forced cooling (fans), which is very comfortable for long-term work on the PC.

Due to the special holes the device can be attached to the back of your monitor or TV.

Using the device’s IR (infrared radiation) is possible without the use of any wires to connect any peripheral equipment to the usb ports, such as keyboard, mouse, printer, and so on, using this type of connection.

Gaming power

The minicomputer has a very powerful Quad-core Intel CPU (each core at 3 GHz max), integrated graphics Intel HD graphcs 620 and DDR4 (16GB).

Inside the case offers 2 slots to configure the amount of RAM.

Another huge plus is the built in SSD drive (the amount to be ordered before purchase), instead of the usual hard disk, which significantly reduces loading of Windows and applications.

When enabled, the system loaded in 10-20 seconds compared to the usual 2-3 minutes. Any user can also plug in additional memory.

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For example, I put the hard drive from your old laptop. Space in the building was enough to fit! Includes ribbon cable to connect an auxiliary device.

For fans of cool games is a very suitable budget option, since the game loads in seconds and even if the game settings set at maximum, it is free of their «clicks».

Video mode mini device allow you to plug in any device. Quality video with support for 4K. Small in size but powerful settings, free-running multi-tasking.

Yes! Another, not unimportant function — connects to the Internet as over the air (wi-fi), and twisted pair. High-speed network card (LAN 1GGB).

For all its capacity minicomputer HISTOU Core i7 5550U is a very serious competitor to the system blocks in terms of energy consumption, just 15 Watts vs 350-450 Watts.

When working, the computer can be heated to 50-60 *C. do Not be alarmed! This is part of normal operation! But in order so to warm up, it is very hard!

So in conclusion of the review I want to add another huge plus — the ability to use IBPP (uninterruptable power supply)! In order not to lose not saved data or continue working on the minicomputer, during a power outage (it happens in Russia )

As usual the system unit requires mandatory connection to alternating current network 220 V , the minicomputer HISTOU 5550U enough only 12 V DC (from the battery).


This review was done for my model of computer. But there are cars still serious! It all depends under what specific purpose you need a computer. After purchase, six months later, no mistakes, and gripes to the model no. Yes! By the way! Manufacturer’s warranty for this model is 3 years. But it is not enough! All of successful purchases!

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Again, bought this minicomputer here.