The long sleeve sweater for girl, 100% cotton

Children’s jumper Cute Snowflake Deer from Bergawa with Aliexpress conquered at first sight. The cost was of 9.78 $, the price ranges from size. size range from 7 to 24 months. Colors for selection: light pink, gray, and hot pink.

Also models not only with deer, but with faces. Free shipping. The parcel arrived in less than a month — 20 days before the Moscow region. The delivery was carried out by the transport company DHL. Packed the parcel was in two packages. No smell, bought here from this seller, he has been working for 3 years and he has a lot of positive feedback.

The contents

  1. The quality of the material
  2. Opinion
  3. Cons
  4. Pros
  5. About the size

The quality of the material

Material — according to the label 100% cotton. But there is also polyester. It is recommended to wash at 30°, so I did. The clothes do not lose their original appearance.

The underside with no protruding thread. All seams are straight. Nothing to complain about.

Cuffs, neckline and hem of the jumper and elastic, made on the principle of «gum». Dress up well and then do not ride up and does not bounce. The main feature is the design.

Reindeer and snowflake are made of embroidery, and the sleeves are very fluffy and soft. This can be worn with a skirt, and pants. This t-shirt is designed for cool summer and warm autumn. You can of course wear eve more cool weather, but the throat remains open. The product itself is quite warm.

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Not detected. And it happens with shopping on Ali)))


  • The fabric is very soft to the touch and will not cause discomfort to the delicate skin of children, which is important to buy child things;
  • Jumper good stretches;
  • No smell;
  • The lack of protruding threads;

About the size

I took: 19-24 months

The stated size of the seller:

  • Chest: 23-24;
  • Long: 38-40;
  • Long sleeve: 32-34.

Actual size:

  • Chest: 24
  • Long: 39
  • Long sleeve: 34

Size chart from the seller correspond to the actual size. In principle it is possible to navigate through it. Also, this sweater is perfect here is a baby dress of similar color. In it the girl is this little Princess! For very young daughters perfect children’s salopettes.

In General, about buying left pleasant emotions, I recommend to purchase this product. Again, the order for a sweater for girls did on Aliexpress here.