The image with the money clip and credit cards

Recently I got to thinking about what’s in the bag a lot of places are such bulky items as a purse, makeup bag, portable charger and wires for equipment. I decided to optimize the space.

If in the case of appliances and cosmetics was only one way out – to reduce their number, how to reduce a huge wallet with lots of cards – boggles the mind. Good on Aliexpress I came across such a wonderful thing as the image. Found, looked, bought… here Ali.

The contents

  1. Feature
  2. The quality of the material and ease of use
  3. Capacity
  4. Price and delivery
  5. Advantages
  6. Disadvantages
  7. Insights
  8. Video


The seller claims that the wallet size 8,6×5,4×0,7 cm, it really is. Length, width, height and shape of the holder corresponds exactly to the specified dimensions. Box of the product resembles a pack of cigarettes. Yes, so compact this wallet!

The site States that its weight is 120 grams, but I decided to verify this information independently. My kitchen scale showed that the purse weighs 70 grams.

The quality of the material and ease of use

The product consists of two aluminum plates connected with tight elastic bands on three sides. Gum quality, perfectly hold the contents. One side without eraser in order to insert the card. On the opposite side of the purse there is a notch designed for pulling cards. This is done as follows:

Click on the card protruding from the recess:

Choose the right card and pull it from the holder:

On one of the plates has a glossy metal clip. In order to put the banknote inside, you just need to put it under the clip and push to the end. To pull the «foot» is dangerous, because it is tightly fixed between the inner plate and its surface layer, so it is likely to break the clip if much to pull it.

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On both sides of the plates is screwed a small bolt. My guess is that they need to be disassembled.


At the moment I’m wearing in cardholder 5 most essential cards. I think the purse will accommodate 3 times more, because the gum, despite tohost, stretch well.

The clip also holds a lot of bills. I often carry up to 10 banknotes, but if needed, you can put many times more.

Price and delivery

I ordered the item for 660 rubles – good for appreciating the quality of the purse. 2 weeks after the order I received your image in the mail. Believe this fast shipping for Aliexpress that are very happy!


  • Small size, compact size;
  • Reliable fastening of money and cards;
  • High quality metal plates, rubber bands and fasteners;
  • The details do not scratch on keys, if lie together in my pocket;
  • Minimalistic, modern design.


To be honest, I have long tried to seek out at least some of the disadvantages of such a practical wallet. I don’t know whether to consider this fact a disadvantage, but I would call this holder is «male».

Due to the fact that it is made from solid materials the ladies are quite difficult to use this wallet. For example, I had to get used to it within a week, and my young man had a few moments to adjust. Therefore, men with strong and powerful hands will not be difficult to cleverly use the image.


I think it’s a great purse, saving space, and I think it will last me many, many months. In principle, it can be used girl, but among men such a thing will be worth more. As a gift for my husband, father, brother or son – perfect. Convenient, practical, inexpensive!

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Once again, I ordered this amazing thing on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend to look at the review on the DICIHAYA wallet from genuine leather.


Video not mine, just found on the Internet, but it is all shown in detail: