The headset Lupuss G1

Not so long ago urgently needed headphones and was looking for the cheapest acceptable option. Bought primarily for the child, and they to such things is not very critical. For the price and the characteristics of the ideal headphones Lupuss G1. Recommend to take black, since white look very untidy and cheap.

Mandatory needed a microphone. Reviews divided into two camps, so was wondering what will come in the end.

The product was to Petrozavodsk in the mail for 8 days, which is pretty quick. It was tightly Packed, nothing was damaged, bought on Aliexpress here. If you click this link you just get to the page with the goods from this seller the product is out of stock and can just type in the search Lupuss G1 and you will find it necessary. What have we got?

The contents

  1. Sound
  2. Microphone
  3. Other features
  4. Video


The sound quality of anything bad I can not say, not the best, but do not cut the ears for the average user for his price is right. For fans to make as much noise as possible headphones is rather weak.

The sound at maximum volume is weak. Those who need such earphone for your phone, strongly advise, as there the sound of quiet and terrible quality.

A little note for those who would like to buy a gaming headset — steps in games are bugged, most importantly, I believe, but I can recommend Kotion EACH G2000 (good and budget option). Well, for those who want to get the very best sound, but well able to spend money on it, I recommend only Bluetooth headset Bluedio Vinyl, basic version or the version «Plus».

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I the microphone was needed only for communication with friends and relatives in Skype this so far satisfied. For business negotiations and the like absolutely do not need to search for option is more expensive (if to describe the transmitted sound, it is slightly better built-in microphone in camera for 400 rubles).

Other features

Based, of course, plastic, and say that the headphones will last a long time. The wire is long, but to break it quite simply, so you need to be very careful. In terms of comfort, the headset explicitly for small heads, since the majority a lot of pressure and wear long, you can not.

Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase and can recommend them, but always before purchasing think about exactly what you need, read the reviews, noticing the desired properties. Again, bought here on Aliexpress. But still recommend to pay attention to the other headphones, the reviews which can be viewed here.


Video review is not mine, but it’s more understandable: