The hair barrette (hair pieces) Maxnina 24”

It just so happens that nature has not given me thick and beautiful hair. All my attempts to improve their quality masks, lotions and balms no significant changes are brought. Looking at their girlfriends and looking at other people’s photos on social networks come to understand what you need to do something.

Having studied the Internet, I found only two real options:

  • Hair extensions;
  • The hair on tressa (barrette).

The first point is certainly comfortable, but too expensive and requires constant financial injections for the correction. But the second got me completely, it remains only to choose exactly where to purchase the necessary goods to me.

To Orient at the prices stopped their attention on Chinese online shop. Very affordable price at$ 10 and free shipping was the deciding factor. To order on Aliexpress, you can here.

The choice of hair tressa on the Internet is just huge, for me more suited variant – artificial hair extensions Maxnina 24”, 6 strand, length 60 cm, color No. 7.

After ordering, my parcel arrived from China for 63 days in Rostov-on-don, I received in the mail and ran home to quickly arrange a fitting.

The contents

  1. Appearance, first impression
  2. How to use
  3. Opinion
  4. Care
  5. Conclusion

Appearance, first impression

First impression of the hair – they look so real! Soft, natural color, does not smell. A total of 6 strands – one for 4 clips, two 3 clips and three 2 clips. Yourself fixing a quite reliable and well recorded. The photo shows that the inside strands of light, and the outside is darker, it turns a very nice transition, and the native hair well merge with the artificial.

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How to use

Instructions for mounting found on YouTube. Eventually be able to come up with their own ways, depending on how you will be more comfortable, and what hairstyle you want to build. For example, I sometimes attaching them in a circle towards the top, it turns a beautiful ponytail.


The feeling after the first fitting is twofold, on the one hand the effect is incredible, looks instantly transformed, with another wearing was painful for the skin and due to the rapid load on their hair in 20 minutes a headache. But with each wear it becomes easier, and after a week I stopped feeling hair pieces as something extra, and in the evening, when they were removed (unfortunately they can’t sleep), there was a sense of «bald head». 2 months of almost daily wear has not affected the status of native hair. They were making out. As it turned out I did not properly take care of them.


So you have had the same problem you need to follow the simple care tips:

  • To wash your strands once a week with shampoo;
  • After washing to use any balm or conditioner for hair;
  • Gently comb and dry with a Hairdryer from top to bottom;
  • Optionally, you can edit the tips of the hair oil (optional);
  • Over time due to combing, the ends can get washcloths. This is easily solved by pulling the pad.


I think this is one of my most successful purchases, you not only get the opportunity to improve their appearance, but also increase self-esteem. The price of 10$ so ridiculous that question is not worth it, even if you hair tressa is not suitable for everyday wear you can use them for holidays and photo shoots. Once again, on Aliexpress you can order from an official representative on this page.

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