The gel varnishes SaviLand and VenaLisa

I decided to try a new business, and started the nail gel-lacquers.

As I’m new, I decided to first try the «budget» option. Of course I went to the Aliexpress. Here are some reviews of gel varnish and a few things for design.

The contents

  1. The effect of «Velvet nogotochki»
  2. Excellent quality
  3. Rhinestone, foil and powder
  4. Video

The effect of «Velvet nogotochki»

First I decided to choose the top coverage and stayed matte the firm SaviLand. Why? A lot of positive reviews and low price. The gel went to the Bryansk region of 3 weeks. Was well Packed (in the film, and bubble bag). Itself is thick, went well and evenly. Discount price only 127 RUB Effect-velvet nogotochki. Ordered on their official page here, the only way you can be absolutely certain that the varnish is original.

Excellent quality

The second thing is a color gel Polish, and chose the brand VenaLisa. And of course, again drew attention to the positive reviews and affordable price official here! They also have a huge selection of color palette. The gel Polish is of great quality! Smooth surface, color all fit the description thick that does not allow it to spread. Price only 115 rubles, and the delivery to Bryansk 2.5 weeks.

Rhinestone, foil and powder

And of course all sorts of «stuff» for the design of our Nogotkov!

Rhinestones. First caught the eye of set rhinestones. Ordered a small box of rhinestones in different sizes.The seller was communicative, immediately sent the order, and well Packed. Price 16-28 RUB shipping to Bryansk month.

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Foil. Also a cool thing. Species are many, easy to use. Creates a shimmering effect.Sold one by one. The price is 30 RUB. delivery was long. To Bryansk 1.5 months, but the seller kept in touch.

Powder. A great addition to a bright manicure! Only 16 colors, all ordered. The seller well Packed, all the jars arrived safe and sound! The price of one jar is 20 rubles, and the delivery to Bryansk 2.5 weeks.

Well, the last. I do not know as correctly is called, but the site says the protective glue. It’s just the wand for fans of «Ombre». Is a white lacquer is applied on the edge of the nail to protect the skin. With its function coped with a BANG! Price 66 RUB shipping to Bryansk month. Also, can you recommend another eye shadow, Imagic in a special palette with mirror and Soonpure is a quality hydrophilic oil to clean the face.

All it took here on the same Aliexpress. I will continue to buy it.