The fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3, original

I love the holidays, and even more to prepare for them, to buy gifts and wait for the moment when the gift is donated and observe emotions.

I discovered the brand Xiaomiwhen bought the phone of this brand. But now about the other thing.

Modern technology, they are rapid, such going forward, so comfortable.

The contents

  1. Why
  2. Where to buy original
  3. Quality / price
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video


My husband is at the gym, while working in the office, engaged in sedentary work, gets up at 7 am and a lot of talking on the phone. «What can he give on new year’s eve?», — I thought.

I found a great option! Meet the fitness bracelet Xiaomi mi band 3.

It’s a clever device that combines many functions, even if you don’t exercise, it will be interesting to you!


  • watch
  • notifications about messages, calls,
  • in addition to the 3rd version in comparison with the second, in Mi Band, you can read the messages or see who’s calling without taking the phone out of your pocket
  • have the ability to set reminders, alarm clock, you can see the weather forecast for three days.
  • And , as for sports, Mi smart Band 3 is capable of recording steps, measure heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned.
  • And he’s waterproof! It is possible to swim or take a shower.

Where to buy original

A lot of things we can say about this device, clearly decided to «take!» And turned the website Aliexpress, because there is device cost per thousand is cheaper than in a retail store of my city.

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Chose the seller with the highest sales — 128K, with ratings of 4.9 and numerous positive reviews. Here is a direct link to it.

Quality / price

My order history:

  • Mi Band smart watch 3 cost me 1900 rubles.
  • Shipping to my city (Ufa) took 9 days, ordered from the Russian warehouse, and was free. The product came in the original box, Packed in bubble wrap package.
  • It’s not even wrinkled. The seller was communicative, gave the track number, order tracked all the way.
  • Gave her husband on new year, he was happy as a child!

Looks very stylish with any clothes, like tracksuit with jeans and a classic, so as the strap and the device itself is in black color. You can order replacement straps and change them to fit your mood.

Now the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 wakes him up in the morning without waking other family members, shows weather before going out, informs you about important events, messages, and calls, recalls the lack of activity, when sat at work.

The claimed battery life — up to 20 days, in fact 10-12 days, as is the best of all.

Included strap, the capsule itself, charger.

The only thing that was confusing was when making this purchase, it is a word of guarantee. Still the thing is not 100 and I would like a guarantee as in any hardware store.


Later I told my friends that the best such purchases unpack and remove the video, suddenly have to open a dispute with the seller. Perhaps that is why I would also put 4.9 of 5 points. Everything else was just great!

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I definitely recommend the product to buy! Again, taking the bracelet on Ali here. Still I can advise for people with an «athletic mindset», headphones i7s — copy of Apple Airpods, only many times cheaper, and IRALAN — budget gyrometer with wheels as much as 10 inches, this will travel everywhere!


From the video below you will learn:

  • How to «resuscitate» bracelet if it completely not responding or reset it to factory settings;
  • 5 hidden features about which few people know;
  • How to sync with your smartphone so that you not only get basic information and, for example, to manage your music, video, or camera.