The detector BOOLATEK MD4030 P

I ordered my husband for his birthday underground detector, i.e. the detector brand Boolatek on the website Aliexpress here. And have not regretted it.

The metal detector went to Russia, namely in Saratov oblast twenty-eight days. Was it by ordinary Mail of Russia. Came in the box yellow in color, were well sealed, the box came intact without damage, just slightly dented.

The contents

  1. Assembly and dimensions
  2. The quality of the work
  3. Opinion
  4. Video

Assembly and dimensions

The detector was disassembled and without batteries. To the metal detector you had to buy two batteries of type «Crone». going the metal detector is very simple. We assembled it in literally 5 minutes, put the batteries and it worked.

The diameter of the detector (where the coil itself) is 160 mm. the Rest — see photo.

The quality of the work

I have a home. Click to enlarge.

The detector model BOOLATEK MD4030 P bought for just 3000 RUB. For its price it works fine, it looks like small metal parts and large metal. Also he is looking for non-ferrous metals, namely coins, chains, earrings, rings and more. It beeps on everything from the foil, to large metal. the metal detector is very easy.

It weighs less than 2 kg, looks nice, black in color, has a scale from one to 10, which in the future you will be able to determine the depth and even longer to understand what’s under the ground.


To go with MD4030P very interesting, especially interesting to find old things that you can get a decent amount of money. Still possible for him to take Aomekie binocular microscopeto look at very old subject!)

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So the cost of the metal detector you can easily recoup even a simple metal, not to mention the fact that you can find more valuable things. honestly when I ordered the detector is doubt in its quality. Because the price is low and the product is still want to buy quality.

Well what can I say about this Boltek yet, so what I suggest it to all beginners as it is very easy to use, high quality and not a lot of money. Again, took here on this page on Aliexpress. By the way, perfectly included in the folded mode in a quality tactical backpack nylon Free Soldier, which is a must for constant trips to interesting places.