The container with the heated food from Aliexpress

Transferred in the past year our organization (and it is nearly 200 people) to a new schedule in which lunch is 1 hour 40 min. In General, those who have time to dine at home, ceased to be in time. Dining room — too far away, and expensive.

In the end, almost everyone began to eat what was brought from the house. Heat had one of the two microwaves, because they were broken in turn. And since a lot of people, it was necessary to wait long.

On Aliexpress I do take, but one day I came across a description of a container for food, and remembering the above, the eye that is called «hook». The container still heated — that is, «two in one» and carry is comfortable and warm in it.

Ordered here, paid, got it in about a month. Everything went smoothly, the seller only asked about changing the originally ordered colour. He complied. That’s how it looks after:

It was the turn of unpacking:


The container itself consists of several parts:

  • the direct case is used for storing and heating food (inside heater);
  • small plug-in container — as I understand it, it is possible to carry salads, for example, that is, to warm up it will not work;
  • top compartment plastic spoon. Apparently, it is understood that it is only necessary to use it. At least when eating directly from the container — the metal can damage the plastic;
  • the power cord.

Actually, it is.

I get a kind of «online» opinion because while I was typing, was the first warming water. Used somewhere 0.7 liters, filled in both parts of the stationary container, and a removable I pulled out, believing that if it will happen some heating, it is much less time going to need more.

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The instructions just 25 min. to warm up food. It seems that the water needs to heat up faster (convective flow and all that)..

There it was — after 25 minutes — the water is «lukewarm». Well — expect more. After 45 min the temperature feels «podostyvshimi of tea.» 60 min — hot water, but less than in the coolers (they are I think something around 85 degrees support). 1 hour 15 min. — finally, the water has a temperature of about 80-85 degrees.

In some TV advertising sales have seen before, that with this container «just ten minutes..». Instructions — 25 minutes In fact — about an hour to heat up at least to the temperature of second courses (65 degrees)

While heated the water, I remembered THAT I was confused at first reading the description, though I didn’t care for it much — the power consumption of the container. It is listed at 40 watts.

After the experience with the heat was interesting, but was it possible, theoretically at least roughly calculate the heating time in such capacity. Climbed to the Internet for formulas, but the first link I immediately got the correct online calculator.

Scored data — heating of water (0.7 l) from 23 to 65 degrees at a power of 40 watts and an efficiency of 75% (and in fact, I think even less). The calculation showed 1 hour 08 min. So I did it «theory confirm the practice» (although it would be Vice versa).

But, seriously, the device is quite suitable for those who about an hour before lunch can easily to turn it on to warm up, or those who are constantly on the road (truckers, for example). In other matters, the rig is more suitable container, working from the cigarette lighter. These too are on sale, even from the same manufacturer.

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The device can help in the long-distance trains. In the normal running of the outlets and eat pre-heated food is always better and healthier.

PS once again, I bought here.