The case for e-book Buk poket

Most of us love to read. Books — one of the best that mankind has invented. But, unfortunately, they are quite expensive. And I decided, why not buy the e-book pocket Beech, because it is more convenient: it’s small, light, it is convenient to take with you.

But then came another problem: how to take it with you if she’s fragile and might break? Then I decided to buy it for her case, because it is the easiest way out of this situation.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance
  3. Features
  4. Opinion

Where to buy

The choice of case I have been treated very seriously, because you need to fit all the options, and was easy to use. On the site Aliexpress I just found such a case. The price I was pleasantly surprised – all of 12.80$, which is much cheaper than in the shops of my city.

On the website it is presented in 6 colors: celadon, khaki, black, gray, beige, brown. Also, this case is suitable for 11 models of books by Pocket Book.

Without thinking, I ordered it in grey Ali here on this page.

Was this case relatively short, about 1 month by regular mail of Russia. The seller sent me the tracking number which I tracked the item.

When I received the case, I immediately liked it. The color is the same as that on the website, comfortable in the hand, and most importantly looks just like I wanted. The smell was not, which is also a plus. The book is beautifully it fit. I propose to consider this case according to different criteria.

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Case for pocket Beech quality, thread never stick. The material from which made the cover –cotton fabric, pleasant to the skin, soft. Design fabric, the interior looks simple and stylish.

There is also a strap that helps to close the case. Not dirty. The case is comfortable to hold in your hand.

Inside the case is the same gray color. On one side there are 4 strap fixing book. On the other hand there is a hand strap by which to hold a book. The straps tightly fix the book, and it does not fall from the case. The material is pleasant to the touch, but easily gets dirty. Also, between the book and the case, you can attach kayak ever leaves notes, for example.


The case is soft but durable and wear-resistant. It is impact resistant, protects the fall.

Also protects from dust and dirt. Another advantage is that it is lightweight, and conveniently cleaned in a bag without occupying much space.


I originally bought this case for Pocket Book to protect the book from bumps when falling, and just any impact on it, as it was an unpleasant experience worn book with no cover, when they fell and crashed. But he not only helped me with my problem, now I more often want to read, because to hold a book in their hands become a little nicer.

In General, I was very happy with my purchase. Recommend this product to everyone, it is better to spend a small amount of money and protect their device than to spend several times more money to replace the damaged device!

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In General, bought on Aliexpress here, the model is suitable to all versions of pocket Beech. Still I can advise to replace the paperback book updated ebook Kobo Aura with the Russian interface.