The cap on the wheel for the Chinese Great Wall

Your car, Chinese frame SUV Great Wall Hover H3 engine 2.0 (or just Great Wall H3 New) bought 4 years ago.

By what road, by what overgrown forests not only he traveled! And after another adventure, I found that the cap on one of the four wheels lost.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Conclusion

Where to buy

Went to several shops, the price is naturally not pleased, at least 1.5 thousand rubles. Mainly offer original parts that are still much more expensive. But as practice has shown, the quality is not significantly different.

Without thinking twice, decided to take a chance and order at the site of the online store — Aliexpress. Buying hood are available at the following link.

Shipping was paid, among all the services, chose the most economical Russian Air. Despite the payment and the delivery time in 25 days the parcel was in the road 38 days.

The track is fully tracked from the moment of sending by the buyer on the website of the Russian post. The hood was Packed in a sturdy plastic bag with pimples and periclean tape, not to damage to the road integrity of the product and had the label on the packaging with part number, name in English.

At the time of purchase the price was $ 566 $ 158 million, the cost of the product itself, and 408 million paid shipping.


While installing the hood, he put on with a loud click, but not cracked, therefore, the wheel will stay tight.

Since the discs are on the car, silver color, hood ordered for them. The paint is applied evenly on the product. Despite the fact that the metal clip was slightly shifted from its landing position, installation issues arose.

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The cap could wear without removing the wheels. The size of the cap on disks in diameter of 12 cm, a height of 5.4 cm


Buying, I was satisfied.

Given the difference in price in the automotive aftermarket, the best option for wear parts for a car is non-original spare parts in the Chinese market.

Still I can recommend inverter Onever 12-220 into the car cigarette lighter and DVR Junsun 4K.