The bird feeder on the window for «birdwatching»

Since my childhood I have a special love for birds and birdwatching. Unfortunately, to get home the parrot is no longer possible, as they require too much time, care and attention. It was therefore decided to arrange the house for urban birds through the front window of the apartment.

The contents

  1. Advantages
  2. Where to buy
  3. Quality
  4. Conclusion


Bird feeders are easy to clean acrylic, are not amenable to UV, not crack in the heat and bitter cold.

Acrylic case unlike wood is rotting and spread of bacteria. Through the transparent wall is easy to observe as birds together eat the offered treat.

Besides, transparent acrylic bird feeder looks much more aesthetically pleasing homemade bird feeders from plastic bottles, which can be seen on the Windows of some houses.

Where to buy

I ordered a bird feeder about six months ago on this page here.

The seller offers different shipping methods, provides a track-number order and very good packs this fragile thing in a box with tape to prevent damaging it during transport. The product price is 400 rubles, but very often there are discounts. Delivery to Moscow took exactly two weeks.


There were fears that the feeder will fall off if not in a day, then a month for sure. But for six months she didn’t move a millimeter, you cannot be afraid to fill it to the brim.

Sucker survived the snowfall, strong wind, rain, and even survived a RAID of pigeons. Although the feeder is designed exclusively for small birds (sparrows, blue Tits, bullfinches), the pigeons simply failed to climb it, how much they tried.

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  • Height 15,3 cm
  • Length of 15.1 cm
  • Width of 7.3 cm

The bird feeder mounted using the suction cups on clean, dry window glass. I like it with the visor like a birdhouse, so food does not get wet and it will not be snowed in. About acrylic cannot be hurt, the birds to sit comfortably on the edges of the house.

As you can see in the photo, into the hole from the cups are threaded the thread which should keep the feeder, if it does come off on the window. If that happens, I’ll just buy a new sucker will replace the old and will use kormilcha on.

As feeding I poured grain mix, oats, millet, but most of all, the bird fell in love with not fried sunflower seeds. For one birdhouse accommodates up to 5 Tits.


According to statistics, only 1 out of 10 Tits and 5 out of 10 sparrows survive the winter due to frost and hunger. To avoid enough of them at least sometimes to feed. Ideally this should be done from early September till the end of April.

Feeder — a great way to help feathered friends, she will survive these lovely creatures difficult times. The soul will certainly be warm from the thought that you saved a few little lives.

And do your kids care about the friars will bring a respectful attitude to the surrounding world and help shape the positive qualities of the personality as compassion and empathy. Again, took on Aliexpress here.