The 10-inch tablet with Android AIBOULLY from Aliexpress

Tablet for me has always been mandatory annual purchase (more than a year and a half they are not live), so I never paid her a lot of money — took a cheap 7-inch, no complaints.

And this year decided it no longer! The tablet I use for playing games and watching videos, but if with the slightest tilt of the device, the image shines so that there is nothing to make out, then why do we need it?!

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance
  3. Quality
  4. Case
  5. Conclusion

Where to buy

In General, I decided to search on Aliexpress budget but high-quality tablet with a good screen size of 10 inches.

My choice fell on the tablet Aiboully, here’s a direct link to it on Ali. The declared characteristics I liked: OCTA-core CPU, Android OS 7.0, the battery capacity of 5000 mA, ten-inch screen with a good resolution of 1920*1200 pixels, 3/32 GB of memory (this is if you take the 3G Tablet, and the tablet with support for LTE comes with a memory 4/64), aluminum housing.

The choice offered in a few colours: red, gold, silver, and rose gold. Like any girl, I chose red, the color of your favorite lipstick)).

Also, I decided to pay a little extra for any case-a book. As for the network, 4G I didn’t need the tablet that was supposed to use either at home, where there is a hotspot, or in public places with free Wi-Fi, pay the extra 2 thousand rubles for me unnecessary feature I wasn’t.

Buy AIBOULLY cost me 4899 rubles, taking into account a small discount. From submission to the receipt (by courier in the hands of the under painting) it has been 20 days, the parcel was tracked all the way.

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Standard packaging: post package, underneath a box of corrugated cardboard wrapped in duct tape so that opening could use a scalpel, plastic shock absorber, and in this tight box with the tablet.


Package contents: the actual tablet, protective film, a set of wipes for the screen, charging capacity of 2000 mA, PU leather case and USB perechodnik. Instruction is not provided, but it is, in fact, not needed. The parcel came in perfect condition, no complaints.

I must say that I’m not sure about whether to count this tablet the original AIBOULLY or normal-noname — box, and the tablet is completely clean and free of any logos and other identifying marks, however, when you enable a gadget appears Aiboully, and under «Settings» — «About tablet» device is indicated as being released by this manufacturer.

The case really was metal (for some reason most of all, I doubt it is in this paragraph of the description)), only a slot for two SIM cards and the memory card slot on the back side is covered with a plastic white cap.

The tablet is very thin, quite light considering the size and material of the body (530 g).


One of my main requirements were a good battery capacity, and then expectations are more than justified: when you first turn on the battery level was 72% (!), in my opinion, an excellent result.

And with continued use, it turned out that battery holds charge for at least two times longer than my last 7-inch of each other.

The screen is also above all praise for the budget gadget — the colors are very bright, the picture clarity is excellent, and most importantly, when you angle the image is not reflected or distorted.

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As with any modern gadget, the tablet AIBOULLY 2 camera: 5 and 2 MP. I do not know whether these figures are true, but the front camera takes horrible pictures, but the main one is quite decent, although I function photos hardly ever use.

The memory capacity corresponds to the declared — 32GB internal (in fact 29.14, but this is normal), 3 GB RAM, no cheating.

On the Internet I will say this: 3G mobile network receiver catches the tablet is so weak and disgusting that it is simply impossible, but with the Wi-Fi network are all significantly better movies in the online cinema I see almost always without problems.


But the case was so-so… the Tablet sits in it loosely, crawl, so the edge of the cover all the time covers the camera lens and very often touches the screen, and since the sensor is very sensitive, can spontaneously trigger the screenshot feature (it is rendered convenient by a separate button in the main menu) on the keyboard pressed extra letters.


Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase AIBOULLY. The tablet was chosen for a specific task, which copes, and given the very affordable price, might even be a good gift.

I’ve decided that when this tablet «will be discarded», I’ll buy the same, just a different color;)) once again, bought on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend a great pair of headphones Kotion G2000 compact and inexpensive column ZEALOT S5.