Testers water: PH-TDS-EC from JuanJuan

Ordered two instruments from the famous manufacturer JuanJuan on this page Aliexpress. The first measures the PH level and the second TDS and EC.

  • The cost at the time of order is $11.34.
  • Delivery in Moscow — for two weeks.
  • I need to measure the pool water.
  • Both devices come without batteries.

Read more about each tester: how to use and why.

Tester pH

Measures the acid-alkaline balance of water. I need to measure the readings of water quality in the basin. Also necessary for the dishwasher to balance the amount of salt fall asleep.

Works very simple: collecting water into a glass (preferably 22 degrees), turn the on/off button and wait a few seconds until the readings do not stabiliziruemost. The main thing is not to drop below the waterline (black cap).

The device is sturdy, works perfectly. You can do the calibration using sachets of powder, with a known PH value, which must be dissolved in water. But I did, and so shows great. The instrument is manual.

TDS tester and EC

The level of TDS shows the total salinity (amount of dissolved salts in water). There are recommended values for drinking water 170-200 units.

The level of EC is directly dependent on TDS and calculated by the formula EC=2*TDS, so if you find, then you can pick a device that gives only one of these values.

Extra bonus — the measurement of water temperature with accuracy up to one tenth of a degree, is displayed on the screen in either of two modes, TDS or EC, and can be displayed in Celsius or Farenheith.

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The principle of operation of the tester similar to the first device: included (on/off), drop in water, wait until the readings stabiliziruemost. The Shift key toggles in a circle four modes:

  • TDS + degrees.
  • EC + degrees.
  • TDS + Farengeitu.
  • Ec + Farengeitu.

Overall the device is good. The only drawback, where the screen — no glass, and glued the dense film. The operation of the device is not as not affected. Included is a comfortable, high-quality case made of leather.Deputy.

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