Tester to check the cameras POMIACAM

Long dreamed of such a thing, but only 13 September 2018 decided to order on Aliexpress.

At the time he was 7 001,84 RUB Came in about 3 weeks. Took here on this page Ali.

During the work with the strategy tester, I have thoroughly studied and try as accurately as possible to describe it with all its advantages and disadvantages.

The contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Description
  3. Completeness
  4. Dignity
  5. Disadvantages
  6. Personal opinion
  7. Video


POMIACAM the video tester is designed to test cameras TVI, CVI, CVBS and AHD to 5MP on the performance and to configure them directly in the installation phase.

It is also used for checking and setting of the DVRs, as it has a VGA and HDMI input.

Has a powerful battery, thereby allows you to charge handheld gadgets via USB. There is a function to test the integrity of UTP cable via RJ45 connector, but it works mediocre and uninformative. There is a function to check the microphone and the microphone input is a 3.5.


Despite his outer appearance, tester of video cameras POMIACAM is quite simple to use. When enabled, it becomes clear that it’s just a little TV or minimonitor.

Menu POMIACAM English only, but will be clear even with minimal knowledge of the language and will not cause difficulties, because of the menu to turn almost don’t have to.

The device usually determines the type of the connected device and automatically begins to stream video from it (you need to switch in rare cases). To realize the function of PTZ (it’s the only thing I haven’t checked), control PTZ cameras and cameras with automatic lens. There is a built-in flashlight, it is a pity good he is.

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Has an output of 12VDC power to run the cameras.


Monitor quality bag with division for storing cables, power cable and power supply to charge the device, power cable for camera, cable with connectors BNS (for cameras), cable for connecting MIC 3.5 (and crocodiles on the other hand), the response of the input RJ45 connector for testing UTP patchcord, a contactor for connecting the RS485 interface (for PTZ), strap fastening.


The compactness of the tester, functionality, reasonable price, good design, easy to operate, possibility of connection of both cameras and the Registrar and reliability.


The led backlight has no mounts and basically useless, the LAN tester is not informative, the menu is in English, weak speaker (produces a very quiet sound from the microphone), there is no strap to attach the wrist strap included is very weak (it is better not to use), the angle from which it is possible to see about 80 degrees at lower angles is seen is very bad.

Personal opinion

Trying to describe all about the most unbiased tester POMIACAM. But my personal opinion — the device is just great and I have never regretted the wasted money. Counterparts, which I watched at that time was worth twice that.

With its primary purpose to cope on a 5+. Rescued a hundred times. Without it I had to remove the camera, take a workshop, check out and drive back to set with him — all you can do on the site.

To configure DVRs, used to carry a laptop or monitor set up now it’s just connecting the HDMI cable (which was bought separately).

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Video cameras can now mount and then set up 1 person yourself. For all those who are engaged in the installation of CCTV is an indispensable tool in many frequent problems.

Tester POMIACAM saves a lot of time on the setup, diagnostics and Troubleshooting. Never failed! Its price is fully justified. Disadvantages written for the sake of completeness. For me they are quite critical and I didn’t identified, and just noticed in the process of operation.

I hope my review will help you make the right choice and will provide you with comprehensive information regarding this device. Again, bought this tester here on Aliexpress.