Tester and charging smartphones and gadgets — Kaisi K-9202

It is no secret that all the wearable gigatech rechargeable batteries. And that is the nature of physics that if it is discharged below the permissible limits, then the device will think that the batteries in it are not present.

This situation can happen if, for example, telephone long lay without charging or short circuit happened that «ate» the battery charge.

Even possible for trivial variant when the battery lay a long time in the warehouse and lost capacity. In all cases, one solution: disassemble the device, remove the battery, directly charged from an external power source. Call this process differently, but most of the time to disperse or «lift» of AKB.

Well, when such a procedure had to be done once, moreover, I am sure that many ordinary users and have not encountered similar. I’m also on the nature of their work sometimes need to overclock the battery several times a day.

And just imagine what it Saperny process. The fact that almost all modern smartphones, the batteries are connected through train, and in all of the different connectors. And external power supply two wires go, they have something to tuck to pinch and hold with your fingers, sometimes needles stick.

What was my surprise when I saw Kaisi K-9202. I could not think that the process of acceleration of AKB can be so easy. Do not delay, went on Aliexpress drove in Kaisi search and found nothing…

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and connectors
  3. To use
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

Strange, but only goods only upon request K-9202 here at this link. Eyes were opened to many options with different adapters and without them. I took the easiest $ 18 plus $ 4 shipping. Came for three weeks, Packed in bubble envelope and original packaging Kaisi.

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In the kit, as promised by the seller, was the Board itself, a USB cord and plug-type banana with a microUSB connector.

Quality and connectors

The PCB Board is very thick, although it was one-sided. Bottom soft thick lining. Dimensions roughly 14.5 by 7.5 inches.

Of the connectors have the connectors from the most popular devices. This Iphone model from the fourth to the sixth, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, Sony. As a battery of lesser-known brands you can easily connect to the existing connectors.

To use

Side view of a conventional USB connector, you can connect banana or a standard USB cord for charging the smartphone from a simple power adapter.

The biggest advantage of the device I believe two small led screen at the top of the Board. One shows the input voltage and the second supply current. Besides, if you just connect battery to the Board and not feeding her food, you can quickly see the battery voltage.

Among the shortcomings, I felt that the cord with USB to microUSB very short and very weak. It I gave up and use another. It is also not entirely clear why «bananas», because they are very uncomfortable. I decided to modify and rewired with «crocodiles».

And perhaps the biggest drawback is the weak soldering of the connectors. I have a broken connector Xiaomi, rolled off somewhere, and replace it to find not so simple. It happened after three months of use and with the most popular connector. Immediately the decision was made to walk a good soldering iron in all possible places, so that the situation is not repeated.

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In the end I want to say that the handkerchief Kaisi K-9202 has become absolutely essential and very simplified repair gadgets. Just put the battery in, plugged in the cord, put it aside and mind your own business. No need to invent anything, to hold and wait for the battery to charge.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend the IMAX universal charger for all Li-ion batteries and this cheap soldering station with display.