Tent tourist Bluefield

After a hike with the kids (when our NEW Chinese tent is leaking when the finest rain), there was a question about buying additional travel tent.

Tent it was good, but weather conditions can not cope. In Sevastopol, nothing like could not find, only heavy garden canvas tent (which broke at the first outing and a strong gust of wind).

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Size and weight
  3. Application
  4. The quality and ease of use
  5. Conclusion

Where to buy

Found on Aliexpress lightweight Hiking tent Bluefield. Ordered here on this page green, size 180*220cm for 834 RUB Came quickly enough, just before the next campaign, where we are protesting.

Store on Aliexpress were different sizes and colors. You can order blue, orange, light green or moss green (we got green).

Size and weight

The smallest size — 115*220 cm is the largest size in 200*220cm, but when we opened up her tent on the nature — its size impressed.

Because it is folded in the sheath weighs 300-400 grams, no more and very compact. Its size was enough to cover our mountain tent with another layer in case of rain (tent 4-person samoreklama, well, very much, my husband, 2 children and a dog).

Very important for us was the weight of the tent, because they took many things for herself and her children. Conventional canvas awning was very heavy, was difficult and took a lot of space.

But after a campaign full of mud to lay down and carry it was unreal. Had to carry it separately, all the rings outrivals from strong gusts of wind, went straight to the scrap). Although we gave him 900 rubles — even more expensive than our new tent Bluefield.

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Having dealt with the instructions, it turned out that it also can be used as additional water-repellent bottom for the tent. Yes, this time it was not raining, but the ground was wet. Decided to spread the tent under the tent for the night.

It can still be use just as bedding for picnics. The material is durable, you can lay on the grass, on bare ground and stones — nothing. We tried — did not work (test to test).

The edges of the tent there is a special metal rings (6 PCs), well-sewn.

It is possible to fix the awning using the pegs for the tent, or use the ropes to stretch over the tent as a shelter from sun and rain, or by using 2 supports (poles) ahead of (they well become in these rings) and the pegs to fix the bottom of the tent on the ground — you can build a great shelter from the sun on the beach.

The quality and ease of use

Unfortunately, the support set does not go, had to take a tent (or you can find a wooden stick, suitable in size).

All the edges trimmed with lace, thread never stick. Where made of metal rings — double layer of fabric for strength and that in the wind they break.

Complete was specially the case on the ropes with the clips, it is convenient to take with you not only Hiking, but also of the sea, the sea, the cottage, lay on the grass children in nature.

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Even if Bluefield somewhere get dirty in the mud (especially if the children run it or spread it under the tent as a second bottom), it is easy to wash and dries very quickly. After I got the tent from under the tent — thought it and will remain so, stain is not removed. But washed in the lake, and stretched as a shelter from the sun and through a floor of hour perfectly clean and dry.

Of course, if you go all savage with only a sleeping bag and no tent, and on the way was caught in a storm,that is correct stretching the awning will make a great shelter from the weather, a full tent. Stretch between the trees for the ring in the middle, and the ends of the awning to fix on the ground.

Also had our tent, did «safe haven» for children in the afternoon. Very durable construction. The big tent, this tent can accommodate 2-3 adults for sure.

Sitting under the green awning in cloudy weather, but with the bright material was very Sunny. I think the orange or bright blue would be even cooler.

Yes, after a few outings with children, tent — just an integral part of our equipment. We don’t go in specially equipped places for camping, which already provides gazebos and coverings because their «shelter» always carry with them.

Already replaced the tent more durable, does not leak. Stretch the awning in front of the tent. Even if the night was rain, and in the morning, climbs out of the tent and the ground underfoot is dry, and do not knead the mud, dragging everything inside.

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Also ordered before a large tent tent as a kitchen in the field. Well, convenient to take, if I go to nature on the machine and a great company, unloaded the stuff and I put, because this tent-the tent weighs 15 kg (not shabby).

And so, took Bluefield Hiking a small little pouch with cover 300 g, threw in a backpack and forgot about it. Such details are very save camping or when out of town on shish kebabs. Heavy rain or hot sun will not prevent the rest quietly under such an awning it is possible to substitute big company for 6-7 people.


Very happy with purchase, really a universal thing in the field. The ratio of price and quality match, no wasted money. Again, bought on Aliexpress this travel tent here. Still I can recommend a great sleeping bag, Naturehike.