Tent NatureHike

While the best tent of all that we had. Took it for 7800 RUB on Aliexpress here on this page at the official representative of the brand NatureHike.

Came in 2 weeks that no problems with the seller and the tracking was not.

The contents

  1. Compactness and convenience
  2. The quality of materials and welds
  3. Inside
  4. Equipment
  5. The bottom or floor
  6. Entrance
  7. Installation
  8. Opinion

Compactness and convenience

The first reason why I chose it – a little weight (2100 g) . Go Hiking with young children and carry the previous big tent more than 5 kg was really a burden (plus other things and all for children).

Very compact, easily fits in your Hiking backpack or can be attached to webbing on the outside.

The quality of materials and welds

Immediately noticed that the material the tent is a quality, all seams taped (which is important for tent from China).

We got burned in the previous campaign with an old tent (with Ali too). She was very big and spacious, lots of Windows, straps, pockets. And when the rain has gone – at the seams of the old tent started to leak! This tent has stood the test of bad weather – it really does not leak.

The tent is double-layered, inner layer is mesh. Thought freeze, but very comfortable. Not stuffy in the morning, if condensate accumulates, in the second layer. Everything inside is dry.


For two adults – very spacious. But fit my husband and two small children, and even the dog slept in the legs. Things all fit in the vestibule.

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There calmly climbed a huge INTEX mattress (King size). Just at the bottom of the tent.

There is a hook to hang the flashlight for illumination. Above the head and the bottom have pockets, very convenient to put the phones or any other necessary small things.


Included with the tent was inner layer with mesh and external. Arc (metal). Set of pegs (such as titanium, but the test they have not passed). Put a tent on solid dry land, trying to drive them with stones and one peg is bent, so there is no Titan.

All pegs have a bright green rope, easy to find in the land when you build a tent or dropped it in the grass (as usual metal stakes, we lost) …

Included with the tent, NatureHike also go of the rope for stretching in strong winds.

The bottom or floor

One thing – is a second floor to the tent in a tent. The layers are attached to each other on the latch. The second floor can be used as an awning for shade (if you stretch between trees). It goes in a separate sheath.

If you do not need it and not to take to alleviate the backpack (minus spare pegs and the tent will weigh up to 2 kg).

I think this tent can be purchased separately skirt (so the outer layer was long and completely lying on the ground). But there is a package with this tent already with a skirt, in white color and is a bit more expensive.

The bottom of the tent is not canvas (as is common with cheap tents in old we a bunch of holes done by the branches in this bottom). The same durable lightweight material as the entire tent, only with a silicone coating.

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The entrance to the Nature Hike closes with a zipper, all seams taped. Zipper is also protected against leaks, hidden under the «hood». To constantly not pull the zipper – there is Velcro that you can close the entrance to the tent. Entrance arched, hidden. Some tents zipper placed vertically at the center so that if it is raining – you dripping directly into the tent on his head.


It is better to stretch the tent at once to stretch (even if there is no wind). Once it becomes more space inside. Well, if the outer layers of the morning will be condensed – that he did not penetrate inside the tent.

Of the minuses – used NOT to sleep head to the door, inside the tent is shrinking. Maybe due to the fact that we use an air mattress (it is high) – cut height of the tent. Rubbing head on the mesh, well, electrified hair.


Not the most expensive, but very high quality tent for the money (in retail stores for the money you can not take the best-quality conventional 3хместную the tent, which then ogrebet not problems). It is better to take one good time and pay more than then after each trip to the tent to change, because flows/blows/closely/wet/muggy, etc.

For the future buy a separate tent for children of the same company, the quality has already been verified. Very nice to sleep in a tent, really good sleep. Well-ventilated, but also very warm. If you remove the top layer you can comfortably enjoy under the Afghan night sky.

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Once again, the order made on Aliexpress here.

Can you recommend a power Bank with solar battery, not to depend on outlets. And powerful headlamp Boruit 1000 Lmto illuminate far and it was a night to explore the area around.