Temperature Aihogard coffee

Ordered temperature for coffee preparation in stainless steel on Aliexpress here on this page.

At a cost of roughly$ 16, in rubles — 1105 rubles. Material — stainless steel, diameter 51 mm, weight — 560 g

Delivery was made on time, even a little early, got the product in the mail after 28 days. The product came in a cardboard box, the packaging was intact, never opened, himself temper was in very good condition, no scratches or breaks.

In the hand is very comfortable and the horn of the coffee machine went perfectly. Weighed it after receiving — that’s right, 560 g. Ordered it not for myself but as a gift to a friend who unlike me is a coffee gourmet and versed in the intricacies of the choice of tempera.

I long to explain the difference between the taste of coffee with heavy plastic tempera and tempera, which is part of the coffee machine. I personally the difference in aroma and taste is not noticed)

But a friend really liked it and this brand Aihogard satisfied her expectations. Even managed to compare our temper, ordered from Aliexpress with a dear who bought at the Pro shop for the Barista.

I am a strong difference is not observed: in appearance, weight and convenience all the same, only the form of tempera made from a professional shop is slightly different, to keep it a little more convenient.

The only significant difference that I found: temp with Aliexpress is much cheaper and a bit had to wait for delivery. In General, if You are in doubt whether a device with Ali as good as honey and temper of the professional shops can put Your mind at rest, global difference we have found.

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Once again, I bought it on Aliexpress here, I can also advise elektrokofemolke Homeleader stainless steel and cheap hazardou coffee TINTON LIFE.