Telephone 8240 Servo review cheap Chinese for music lovers

I never was fond of smartphones and I just wanted an inexpensive phone with two SIM cards that can be used as a music player, alarm clock, radio and nothing more. I — music fan and listen to music all the time. Still fiercely love audio books because they have problems with vision and can read only a limited number, and from the screen I try never to read.

The choice fell on the phone-player from the Servo. I was once like the Nokia, another button was from the end of the screen to control the music, I do not remember the model. Maybe someone remembers? So ordered.

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The order and delivery

The phone was ordered with the online platform aliexpress, in early January, 2017 and was obtained in 38 days, that is to say, in the beginning of February 2018. Bought from an authorized representative of the company Servo on Aliexpress here.

My Servo 8240 came before the period specified on the order page. The path of movement of the phone being tracked normally. Longer held up in Russian customs.

The device is normally received, that is, without any damage. Housing intact. Even the battery was half charged. The phone was purchased at a discount and cost 1157 rubles, plus I saved about 80 rubles through the cashback service, and immediately threw them on account new SIM cards. Was Packed in a cardboard box. And the box in packing parcels. Packing tight.


The view from the top

The kit cellphone servo 8240 included charger only, nothing else, not even headphones, this manufacturer was clearly teknomel.

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The phone is designed for two simm cards and one memory card, it was ordered with a flash card on 4 Gigabytes (GB) and USB flash drive received in the same package. Flash card working, clean, no records.

However, the manual is not. Even in Chinese there are no instructions, not to mention Russian or at least English. Apparently, it was originally produced only for the domestic market of China.

Due to the lack of instructions was a problem with the installation of Sim — cards. On phones, normally, SIM card is inserted from the top, the wide side forward. Had to open the phone. There it was shown that the simm card is inserted from the bottom, tapered side forward. For the first time operator card is inserted tightly.

Was having trouble pulling out the memory card. In advertising on the phone about the insertion of the flash card says nothing. Had to go on YouTube, viewing a product review a real customer. From there it was possible to know that the flash drive is pulled out with force. Also helps thin flat screwdriver.

To deal with the cell phone you can own. Phone is normal working. According to rumors, this copy Nokia phone. Easy the phone. When ordering you can specify the desired color. When ordering from Russia, you need to specify that the phone had a Russian menu and Russian keyboard, they’ll all do it right.

Servo has several built-in melodies. Like all mobile phones can send and receive SMS messages. You can listen to music. Watch videos of 3gp and MP4. The sound is OK. The relationship holds steady. Subscribers, during a conversation, hear each other well.

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A built-in radio. Without the headphones catches the radio signal. You can record about twenty radio stations in memory. There are alarm clock, calendar, calculator, small conversion units. Basically shows the weight and length conversion.

Provides Bluetooth (Bluetoth).

There are functions of access to the Internet. But for some reason the network connection doesn’t work for me.
Got my three toys. Snake, Sokoban (logic game) and Tetris.

You can change the Wallpaper on the screen. Alarm clock you can set the radio, which saves the record in the list itself. The alarm can be set to three different time (time zones). The profile has a wide configuration.



In General, to say, the mobile phone servo 8240 a very good machine. Works as it should, the signal is stable. The sound is quite normal, plugged in headphones Xiaomi and happy, too, catches the radio, but you can record a program on schedule, previewing the program via the Internet or accidentally heard in the air.

Internet I immediately did not work, but the SIM was new, so probably need something to connect to or to make settings in the menu. The battery lasts about a week in normal use and a couple of days with constant listening to the audio for about 8 hours every day.

Someone said that he was walking on the street and to use public transport to shame. And I’m not ashamed! I was never on the show-off and I need certain functions, the rest is not necessary!

Conclusion: you can buy a product and use it. Again, bought from an official representative of Servo here.

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