Tactical large backpack Aliexpress

This cool backpack has become the salvation for frequent travel, as it undoubtedly has important qualities and characteristics, such as:

  • Folding (you can increase the volume of the two departments, even if a lot of things – they all fit);
  • Waterproof (not just turned out in the rain, so that saved things only with him), is not worse than the known nylon Free Soldier;
  • Practical (nothing takes the hand, just behind and not stopping);
  • Durable (can withstand very heavy weight, tested up to 20kg);
  • Comfortable (with attachments tight around the waist, the back does not get tired);
  • Lots of pockets (under different small things, documents, even under a water bottle);
  • Hands-free! (this bag does not need travel bag).

The contents

  1. Overview
  2. Reliability and convenience
  3. Conclusion


This was after his many travels. Click on picture to enlarge.

Ordered a tactical Rusak for Hiking and travel on Aliexpress here, on the official website of the manufacturer. Familiarity with a backpack began with scope selection – a choice of 50 and 60 litres. As for me, both are large enough, but took 60 to reserve places in case of anything. Especially because the backpack itself quietly transformirovalsya, dangle and hang there never will be. Much roomier backpack Muzee.

Hereinafter, the color. The choice is very large, about a dozen flowers, each attractive in its own way, we decided on black.

After much reading of reviews and doubt ordered, just had to wait. Three weeks later, expectations revealed a very tight package and got the light buying – a brand new sports backpack with a huge number of pockets and departments. Under the change, the documents that have hidden pocketson both sides of the backpack the water bottle, for all things are your Department, even for a great men’s wallet with Ali.

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Reliability and convenience

Tested it during a trip to several cities, hikes and moving – with varying degrees of load coped just fine – went through a lot, including a couple of good rains, under which we ourselves were soaked, but the backpack and the things in it were not injured.

Regulated shoulder straps, so adjust for your height is not difficult, the straps are padded and do not RUB shoulders, optional belt at waist allow for a tighter fit to the body, so that when running (if not very busy), the backpack will not dangle from side to side. Back does not get tired, on the spine virtually no pressure.


Always, when we were going to go somewhere, the question arose – how all the collected bags to convey to the station, two pairs of hands are not enough , always something dragged in the armpit or almost in the teeth. Or an armful of bags carried on either side already numb hands. Such a nightmare every time to move, hit it harder.

Now all that occupies his hands, folded in his strong and faithful tactical backpack! No blisters, no pain, only the joy of shopping.

Total for three weeks to Syktyvkar arrived an indispensable tool in the road just for$ 20, the most common mail!

Who is it for:

  • For travellers;
  • For fishermen and hunters;
  • For young naturalists in school and College trips.

By the way, now my husband always takes him fishing with friends, when they organize the whole Hiking along the river in search of a good space for gear. Already a couple of friends want to buy the same backpack.

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We found such a miracle here on Aliexpress:

Watch the price and colors now Ali