Tactical backpack Molle

In my work we often have to carry tools and spare parts, which like a bit, but the pockets will not scatter. Therefore, small backpack for me — just a necessary thing.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance
  3. The quality, pockets and carbines
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Where to buy

In the bazaars and shops not found anything suitable, therefore, again came to the rescue of Aliexpress.

After two days of searching have chosen this model Molle for 18.04 USD. The reviews were generally positive, so I bought and waited.

Sending came to Ukraine for 27 days, track to track. Packaging the seller did not bother — a plastic bag and padded postage packing. But, as it is not a technique, but simply a tissue product in a backpack, nothing happened.


I chose the color «desert digital» because of his love for camouflage, the other options, especially the black also looked nice.

First impression when I opened the package — «slim».

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The size of my tactical backpack Molle amount 42*21*14 see the Seller claimed volume of 15 liters, but I think there is, shall we say, Asian is the error in the measurement.

And it really is unusually thin, just want to put inside anything big to the computer.

The quality, pockets and carbines

All the accessories quality, zippers are good, not as catchy, threads do not stick out. Some customer reviews complained that the sliders snakes are very noisy when walking, personally I did not notice.

The attack has a large pocket with two snap hooks that you can attach the bag Hydrator, there are holes for threading the hose directly in the webbing. Personally, I used to drink from the bottle, but someone may need this functionality.

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There is also a compartment for tablet, laptop there will not fit. A small pocket has two compartments.

Between the pockets — even two divisions, separated by mesh. You can use them for short term storage.

Top handle backpack Molle, without exaggeration, very durable and comfortable. The purpose of a rubber tourniquet rather decorative, functional I saw.

There is a waist belt with a carabiner, it’s difficult something to say about it, because I do not use.


In General, I have my new backpack I liked, but there are two significant minus.

  1. The webbing is very tough. No soft filler, plus used rough hardware. In the end, a comfortable sock is obtained only with a jacket or other thick and soft clothes. T-shirt over long diarrhea — unpleasant was super shoulders. Perhaps the problem will not be relevant for people of stocky build.
  2. The location of the straps is such that necessarily it is necessary to use locking strap on the chest, otherwise they simply move out.

Despite the drawbacks, attack Molle I like. I’m not sure that in the summer, but the rest of the time, I will definitely use it. For the city this is a great option. Again, backpack Molle it on this page on Aliexpress. I can also recommend tactical titanium mug Artisan and a good tactical headlamp NITECORE HC30.