Tablet Pumpkin and a DVD player on the headrest of the car: 2 in one

Several times a year we have the whole family go on long distance driving of up to 3 thousand km, where the car, the children watched the movie on the display via the Navigator. But on a new car it has proven impossible, as the system simply disables any image after the start of its movement.

So we decided to buy two of the video player on the headrests. Children 4 and 8 years, and everyone loves to watch something different, and to include them one would be difficult. Younger looking «Malasarte», senior cartoons about robots.

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  • Where to buy

    On Aliexpress their selection is big enough for every taste, color and purse. We chose the so dvd players that would be there was almost everything. And the choice fell on such tablets brand Pumpkin who ordered here.

    Cost two tablet, us 22 thousand rubles, but the price is adequate – everything is there. But this seller is cheaper, there is a great choice.


    Recently went to Ali, and the price fell to 18 thousand Cartoons you can watch from disc or memory stick, as this DVD player, and tablet. Plus included are wireless headphones, which can be used as IR-port and connect with the cord, the remote control is a joystick and a disc with toys. So senior sometimes chopped in the character or shooting. Of course, they are basic and the graphics are average, but great!

    Took a parcel to the Yamal Peninsula for about three weeks. Rather they came about two, but since the delivery was by courier, and her husband works in the city, brought her in about a week after arrival. Everything was well Packed, but husband still, as still expensive player, opened the whole event on video. Reinsured… Everything came in perfect order, instruction manual included, but it is not in Russian, so – futile.

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    Attached DVD players screens to the headrests of the seats without problems, they do not interfere with, adjust the height. How to connect to the feed, too, once figured out, the wires all hidden under the seat. The tablets can also be adjusted, i.e. tilted, how convenient. They work from the battery, so after turning off the car, turn off, too. Look like fitted from the factory.

    Experience in the use and quality of

    2 months of operation we managed to ride almost 4 thousand km, and can fully appreciate the filling of the acquisition. One of the advantages, clear images on the screen, reads all disks without an exception. If the disks are old or slightly scratched, just a little longer at the beginning of their reads.

    In the set there is a special cable so if the kids want to watch the same movie on one disk or one stick, it was no problem to connect to one another, the headphones can also be switched to a wave of other tablet.

    About sound and headphones

    Sound if to connect by cable to the tablet, good. Headphones a little noise. If you try to withdraw the sound head 2DIN display Rectangle in the machine is very noisy. My husband said that it depends on the distance between the display and tablet. You can solve the issue with the wireless adapter Ugreen or the like.

    But the kids love to watch it all in the headphones, so they are very convenient and comfortable, I once watched with an older child cartoon them, I liked it. Still in player you can listen to FM radio and insert the SD card, but we didn’t try.

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    As for the car, according to instructions, can be controlled via Touch, but we also have not tried.

    About flash drives – where the fun begins. He reads them, but not all. May not support the format, or format support, but the format there is no sound. And still does not support flash, for example, if it is 16 GB and is completely full and even all movies in the folder. Here, it will swing. Husband rummaged through the Internet and said that you can flash the tablet and then everything will be fine. But while hands do not reach, recorded cartoons on dvd, or one movie or cartoon on a flash drive, since they are at home a lot.


    So, I put player a solid 4 if not for the difficulties with the stick, would be five! The children are happy, have something to do on the road. We bought him a special tables in the car, they play LEGO, paint, etc. and then watching cartoons. And so the circle. In General – beauty. I recommend all players, who often rides long distances with children. Again, ordered these players on the headrests of the car brand Pumpkin on Aliexpress here.