I ordered your DONGPAD tablet with a screen size of 10.1 inches and got it in 25 days! For me, this is nonsense. Mail J-NET is well managed and CDEK not hurt pulled. Taken from the official representative here on this page on Aliexpress.

Packaged securely in a plastic Mat. He Dongpa was in a very sturdy cardboard box, so at least kick, and all together. Net weight 490 grams – weight.

Back cover pleasantly cools. It is made of metal, most likely aluminum. The rear cover’s color as requested by gold, and the frame display white. I would like all the gold, but no, so no point to order some kind of color do not see under the cover is not visible.

The contents

  1. Case
  2. Inside
  3. Summary


Case asked black and came with some strokes. Why not slip in your hand like a glove. Frame the case a little crooked, sometimes you have to tuck in, but that is nitpicking.

Compartment with three slots for two SIM cards for your phone and one CD card, barely opened. It is very difficult and scary, all thin and barely alive, the lid is easy to break. And so, the phone rings and you can talk.

Stick the seller put in a gift to the left. Written 16 GB, but nothing will stick, no place.


Now for the insides. Model Dongpad DP-Y108 10.1 inches.

Platform MT6580 it is the program AIDA 64. as promised МТК8752. RAM 4 GB, lied, and built-in 12 GB, although it should be 64 Gigs. The number of cores, like, eight.

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Bluetooth is the wireless earphone connected. The battery is 1000 mAh. This is the worst thing promised 5500 mAh. But without charge 1 hour or more and all!

The rest is nonsense and can be solved, but it is very bad. Power stuffed, and battery pulls, quickly consumed. That drags with power supply.

Put removable magnetic, and it is long socket micro USB gouging. Well, that works during charging.

The OTG cable is connected, but with the above it is convenient.

The display resolution is 1280*800. Back camera 5.4 MP, video and 2.4 MP front and 2.4 Mp. With such parameters is not important, but a video call can be made.

Package: case, plastic protection on the display (did not put, and the screen is filthy), OTG cable, SD card is bad and charge.


In principle, the tablet DONGPAD I like it! We with him for about a year.

Went with me, and a trip to the sea, and to the country, and dragging around the apartment instead of the TV.

Convenient, is the slow response of the brakes. But pulls movies and TV well. WI-FI catches on hurrah.

He bought a Xiaomi POWERBANK 10000if where to go. Moreover, it I got for free. Immediately opened a dispute with the seller, wrote, argued, photographed and as a result, after attracting Aliexpress, I returned part of the money.

Took the $ 100, returned 45. I’m not a loser. For 3 with superfluous thousand roubles such a cool and convenient tablet. Decide for yourself. Again, taken from the official representative of the brand Donkpad here Ali.

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