Tablet Asus Transformer Pad TF300T review

Really wanted a tablet that could be used as a laptop (transformer), but the prices are now very high, especially on advertised model from Microsoft, Huawei, etc. too well-known, reliable company and if you take the original, then he should be happy for many years its owner (i.e. me). Solved.

Price and delivery

The contents

  1. Price and delivery
  2. About the product
  3. Review of transformer
  4. The display module
  5. Opinion
  6. Where to buy
  7. Video

The average price for TF300T is 155$. I bought my tablet for 167$. Delivery time very pleased. Your machine I received, on 16th day. Of course, for those who have not ordered goods from other countries, such terms can seem unbearably long. But it’s worth it.

The view from the top. Stickers I already put up!)

About the product


  1. Case. At the top of the package caring the Chinese in this cost together and I still have a little pouch. Cover material outside, thick PU, and inside – nubuck. Pretty sturdy case and fits the tablet, rather, a tablet with a keyboard. Is guaranteed to protect against bumps and scratches and everything else will add some highlights.
  2. Cloth. After the case I found a Terry cloth. As indicated in the figure pack this cloth, it’s meant for tablet screen. Though a trifle, but very pleased.
  3. Stickers. It does me smile, honestly. The Chinese this is not going anywhere. Everything else in the package I put stickers. I liked

Now let’s get to unpacking the box directly to the tablet from ASUS:

  1. The tablet Asus Transformer Pad TF300T. Quickly examining his appearance, I was convinced that in perfect condition. No nipped, no scratches, no dirt and chips. Color: white, as requested. All connectors are entire with no backlash. On a more detailed review I will explain below.
  2. The docking station is, it is the same keyboard. Also, there was a whole, all keys are working and connectors are intact.
  3. The power supply unit. All right.
  4. USB cord. All right.
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And now it’s time to move to a more detailed review. First let’s talk about the device itself.

Review of transformer

Of course, after I got to the device Asus TF300T, I have carefully studied for the presence of chips, scratches, scuffs and dirt. Especially should pay attention to the connectors and make sure there are no scratches that would indicate that they have already been used.

Next, I looked at the back cover of the tablet to make sure of its originality. The inscription was engraved on the conscience (not a sticker and not paint), the serial number, the lid is without nuance – the original. The next step in the verification of the tablet – display inspection.

The display module

Display you need to carefully examine not to get a cheap copy of the display (when the original device replaced the screen), which I did.

Put the tablet on a flat surface, slightly slowed down the lighting and turned on the tablet video. I tried to view it at different angles and at different distances, as the original display promises not to lose image quality if you change the angles.

All can be seen perfectly, but that’s not the end of the inspection. Next, I tried to put the tablet on the street that would have him, the sun was shining and at full brightness I tried to read any text. Read, and then the illumination is original.


Then, of course, it is important to check the touchscreen. The first thing you can check is make sure that his promise of multitouch. How to do it? I opened the built-in app c graphics editor, and tried simultaneously to draw five fingers. Got five lines. This means that multi-touch five fingers running.

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Last stage of the test the touchscreen is to ensure the ease of touch on the glass. Lightly ran her fingers in all areas and the sensor alive. That means he is not fake. The final stage will be to ensure there are no gaps between the panel and the screen. This is done in order to understand, did not change whether the display module, though the original.

Connectors and appearance

The next stage of my scrutiny will be the connectors. Picked up the unit and carefully inspect all the inputs and outputs. What I’m trying to find? Traces of use, namely, micro scratches right near the nests, wash, dirt. Pay special attention to the charging socket. After a careful examination, of course, check all connectors for proper operation. Everything is working fine.

Then proceed to check the overall appearance. Here special attention should be paid to the edges of the cover and the corners of the ASUS. Make sure that everything is in order and move on. The tablet has a volume rocker and a button to turn on/off the power. Of the connectors, the tablet has a charging Jack, microHDMI, microSD and a miniJack.

Bottom view, I have unraveled it, just for fun


Finally, proceed to the examination of the keyboard. I hasten to remind you that it has a built-in battery that can recharge the tablet, now I have two batteries at once! Connect the docking station to the tablet and watch whether charging. Everything is going great. Also very pleased with the presence on the keyboard, many function keys:

  1. ago
  2. enable disable wi-fi,
  3. enable disable Bluetooth
  4. enable disable touchpad,
  5. reduce the brightness of the screen
  6. to increase the brightness of the screen
  7. enable disable auto brightness
  8. to take a screenshot
  9. to open the browser
  10. to open settings
  11. previous video/music,
  12. pause/play,
  13. the following music/video
  14. enable disable sound
  15. sound quieter
  16. sound louder
  17. screen lock.
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Of course, we love the touch pad on the dock, just like a laptop. The docking station has three ports: charging socket, USB socket (can connect pendrive, mouse, keyboard, etc.) and a microSD.


Overall very satisfied for the money to get a decent camera, which in the presence of the dock with Touch Pad is easily converted into a laptop — it’s super easy! Price in relation to raspiareny Microsoft Surface below several times, at the same time — it’s the original Asus! To date, he has a lot of competitors in the same category, except for the device svejeispechennyi Chinese firms (such as Onda), about which little else is known.

The battery holds well, suffices on 4-5 hours of surfing the web or on a couple of movies at maximum brightness of the screen. But there is also a second battery, what I wrote above.

To Wi-Fi, no complaints, keeps like my phone Samsung A9, the difference is not noticed when removing from the router. Through two thick walls «Stalinka» to work with.

Where to buy

Now it is gradually removed from the sales (probably laid off), but to find the original is still possible. For example, on Aliexpress here, if it fails you can use macmagazine through crossposted or view reviews on other tablets in our catalog.


About this specific model, I found videootzyvy English only. However, above I have described everything you need, and below you can watch the «live», as my pictures were «not very»: