Table for Breakfast in bed or laptop

Preparing for the birthday of my husband, I had an idea that it would be good to give him a table for Breakfast in bed. In stores these tables terrified me exorbitant prices, but Aliexpress, as always, pleased. My purchase cost me $13.73.

In search of a planned gift in the Chinese online store it took me an hour, as all are not the same. It dawned on me that we need to change key words in the search.

Came to the aid of a pretty solid level of English: typing in the search box «laptop desk», I finally received the long-awaited result. Yes, the laptop table turned out to be the most desirable product. For those who don’t want to bother with the search, here’s a direct link to the table on Aliexpress.

In the order window, and the description is slightly different information about size: length 46.5 cm then, you 44,5 see My table with a length of 45 cm, with cupholder 52 see the Rest of the parameters are correct: width 29 cm, height with legs is 19 see Our laptop was fine, but the neighbor (see photo) – a little too big.

Clearly indicated and other features: material – plastic, folding legs, wheels no, color match the picture. My choice – green, and it really is so. Plastic is painted evenly, no streaks, no smell, smooth to the touch.

My stand is pretty easy to use: it quickly folds and unfolds. Legs of light metal arranged to snap into the grooves, securely protecting it from accidental folding.

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A nice touch is the stationary cupholder. She used our son as the recess for the glass of pencils – he has chosen my dad’s gift and draws on it.

Overall, this is a great tray table for Breakfast in bed, and stand with cooling laptop! I can also recommend hazardou coffee TINTON LIFE and a silicone form for baking pancakes in a frying pan with them your Breakfast in bed will be even more enjoyable!