T450BT headphones JBL — wireless

So, I still decided to order the JBL T450BT on Aliexpress. The choice would be between them and Bluedio Vinyl Plus, but those won on price, plus they are much smaller, and hence easier.

There was another option, wireless Turbine T4s, but took all these. As it is, the JBL sounds better and more familiar brand than Bluedio. As I said, bought on Ali here. Cost 65$, but there was email, there a bit cheaper.

Regret that I didn’t ordered a hard case for them, complete nothing there, but on Aliexpress is full of options for any style and budget. Order now.

The contents

  1. Appearance and impressions
  2. How to use and connect
  3. Opinion
  4. Pros
  5. Cons
  6. Conclusion
  7. Video

Appearance and impressions

My first thoughts after unpacking that baby, or at most, the ladies headphones. How so…

And they looked very flimsy. But after a more detailed examination found that the inside plastic reinforced with steel inserts. In other words, the steel «skeleton» wrapped in a quite pleasant to the touch plastic.

Come in three colors: black, white and… blue. Here blue for teenagers, white for girls, and I chose classic black.

Ambury rotate themselves differently in the 3 dimensional plane, they can to twist, twist as you like. See more in the video below, to describe the moment difficult.

The material of the pads is similar to the true skin, but, of course, lighter not tested, sorry))

How to use and connect

All control JBL T450BT is on the right «ear». There’s a button on-off rocker the volume level and multi-function button (for example, to answer a call on the phone or to call the assistant «OK Google» or «Alice».

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In order for the first time to connect to any device or, in other words, to perform pairing for wireless Bluetoth, you need to completely turned off the headphones press and hold the power button longer than usual to a certain characteristic sound.

Then turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, laptop or somewhere else and start the device search by finding the connection T450BT begin mating. It all depends on the device you want to connect and the operating system in it.

When all is done you will hear sound in the headphones. If a third-party device requests the first time, the password you need to enter four zeros.

All! When re-connection again carry out pairing is not necessary. Just include themselves and JBL audio source, they find each other and everything is OK.

About volume rocker will not speak — everything is clear. But the total button:

  • When you press when you receive a call gives the answer. If you press it and hold, you will hang up the call;
  • In normal mode, a long press will launch the voice assistant, which you can find a song or video on YouTube. But there is still a lot depends on the particular device and its settings, and which application is now running. I set up on the Android assistant Alice who finds me on YouTube and triggers the desired video clips — very easy to switch the clips.


After three weeks of use I can say the following:


  • Bluetoth connection they «keep» just five, not 5+. Using two rather thick walls, or 20 meters at open area — easily. Importantly, the wireless phone or other device got;
  • Not wheezing, does not distort the sound. The bass is very surprised with such modest dimensions of the model T450BT, honestly did not expect. For lovers of classical music and special music lovers may not like the frequency response at mid frequencies, but I liked everything in this rich bass;
  • Surprisingly, with such small data sizes JBL headphones easily slides open and they can be worn, in fact, on the head with a large size of the skull and do not experience discomfort;
  • Lungs. Actually they are not tired for the whole day;
  • The battery holds really long. Your the 11 hours that’s for sure, if we talk about average volume levels. The maximum is 8-9 hours, but take your ear and listen to more of the small volume;
  • Pretty good quality MIC, but for recording, of course, will not work. However, to record a stream, talk games and just talking on the phone, Skype,
  • Shows the battery level right on your smartphone.
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  • Not waterproof. Although, as we know, water-resistance brings about limitations in sound quality, so you can bring in the pros — as;
  • No NFC, although this feature very few people need;
  • When you set the volume to maximum to pronounce the voice of «MAX VOLUME». And if you push on to increase volume, then this phrase will be repeated. It’s better to just put some kind of signal-a buzzer, such as «Peak», then everything is already at maximum, so it is clear — no need to repeat the phrase.
  • The dynamics of 32 mm. and at this size, no options or take Vinyl from bluedio;
  • There is no connector for the wire, so just under Bluetoth connection.


For my money, this is probably the best option. But among the best. That’s all I can say about JBL-T450BT. All the rest you can read above, or you can watch in the video below. Again, bought on Aliexpress on this page. P. S. it is Better to order at once, and hard case for transport.