T4 Mega328 tester for transistors and other components

Ordered digital multimeter tester Mega328 purposefully on aliexpress . Came very quickly for our region — 14 days at the cost of purchase 8,63$. Track to track across the way.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Check the electronic components
  3. Capacitors and ESR parameter
  4. Food

Where to buy

Took on Aliexpress here. In the parcel there was only T4 Mega328 Board Assembly, in principle, the regulation is not needed, because this device is designed for those hams who already understand something in this case.

The order was Packed in a Styrofoam box in an antistatic bag was the Board itself. Collected clean, shiny soldering that says that laundered charge on the conscience.

The display is covered with a protective film, which takes care of all the scratches from careless use.

Check the electronic components

Not a complete list of features of this multimeter Mega328:

  • check diodes, double diodes,
  • transistors,
  • thyristors,
  • capacitors
  • MOS,
  • SCR
  • regulators
  • led tubes,
  • resistance
  • inductance
  • the capacitance of the capacitors.

The range of measured values to check is very difficult, but the resistors can say — from 0.1 Ohm to 50 MOhm, capacitors below 100 pF is problematic, but the upper limit can not specify — had not turned up under the hands of conder with a capacity of 100,000 UF.

Inductance that came to hand measure. Zener diodes above 5 In the tester Mega328 not indexes. Questionable measuring capacitance of film capacitors and the old Soviet, although they may be so dried up that measure nothing.

Capacitors and ESR parameter

Tester bought for the measurement of capacitors. 80 percent of faults in the equipment, which is more than 5 years is just electrolytes.

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The first characteristic is the capacity. It can be measured with a multimeter the medium difficulty, but the second is ESR ( Equivalent SeriesResistance). Roughly speaking, it is connected in series to the capacitor, the resistor, how can imaginatively to present it.

The chip tester Mega328 T4 for which it was acquired, this measurement of this parameter. Capacity may be the same as is written on the case details, but the current capacity will have to go beyond the line.

On small vessels, such as 10 UF 400V, still permissible resistance 3-5 Ohms, for high values of resistance should be by far less than 1 Ohm.

Device testing shows reading and after a minute off.


Tester Mega328 has a connector for connecting the batteries «crown», but with a large number of measurements, it sits directly on the eyes.

The most rational is the power supply. It is unlikely You will be engaged in the complex repairs somewhere in the field where there is no 220V. Purchased the device with the European firmware is recommend on the forums to alter on the Russian version (there are more possibilities), I did not dare, I have enough data.

The quality of the tester, the packaging can be judged that the seller with respect to buyer, the store recommend in addition to this device I bought here two more of the meter. Again give direct link on Aliexpress.

Also can you recommend a soldering station 8586 and prefabricated compact microcomputer of the Raspberri.