Swimming gloves neoprene

In the absence of actual selection of accessories in our city for spearfishing, diving and inflated several times on the range, came to the decision to purchase the black neoprene gloves on Aliexpress.

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Where to buy

Buying the gloves was made at the following link. Free shipping was carried out by Standard Shipping service AliExpress . Thirteen days (although claimed sellers sixty days) the parcel was delivered to me at the point of delivery of Russian post.

The track on the site addresses were tracked from the date of dispatch by the seller. Packed gloves were in some sturdy plastic bags to prevent damage.

The price of the goods tracked before buying, in advance of putting in the basket, so in the period sales in the market, happened to buy at a very low price, 719 rubles.


Gloves made of high quality material neoprene, thickness 5 mm. such a thickness is the most durable for underwater hunting and diving in low temperatures and danger of being bitten or engaged with the fins of larger fish while swimming.

The place has a good grip ribbed, which allows you to confidently hold a spear gun, flashlight, knife or the most nimble, slippery fish when hunting. Seams are made accurately, fully taped.

Dimensional grid displayed on the website of the manufacturer, is slightly overstated. Having your wrist size S according to the grid on the website, ordered one size larger (size M), with a margin, came at the time.

Comfortable, rubberized long cuff part goes deep under the surface, which prevents the penetration of water inside while swimming. A finish, both internal and external made of nylon, which gives an increased level of energy savings at a low temperature in the cold season.

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Purchase completely met my expectations in delivery and quality order. In the work gloves for sailing proved to be excellent. Poplava the autumn-winter season, neoprene is not stretched and did not give shrinkage, as sometimes happens with gloves from other manufacturers.

And the most important pluses: well made seams and a material thickness of 5 mm, and it is an indicator of the strength and durability of the product, which is important when using gloves in this extreme type of Hobbies like spearfishing.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here. I can still recommend , wireless sonar Fish Finder and bait firms Agepoch.