Sweatshirt with fur and a hood with Aliexpress

Want to leave your opinion on my purchased as a gift the eldest son, male, gray hoodie.

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Since my dear «boy» has in its 15 years, is already a very impressive size and it’s time to start to control weight that’s such a clever device, I was looking for the largest size. The growth of detenci 178, bust 104, waist 108 — baloney my.

In the end, after a long and dreary search for a gift for the New year, ordered on AliExpress hoodie here.

Like this:


I ordered her on November 22 when AliExpress was a big sell-off. It cost me with the discount and free shipping by Mail Russia in 1296 rubles (price without discount 1341 ruble).

Plus, even on the cashback it turned out to save about 100 rubles (7%).

The delivery time was stated 26-48 days. Got a package in the Moscow region, Mytischi 03, it was delivered very quickly, even before the promised deadline.


I ordered the largest size available in the Seller line — 5XL, gray.

Size chart the seller claims that the available figure will fit almost a size S, which I very much doubt. I have to say that the size of the son came. The husband died, his bust 118 it tight. So about the size make your own conclusions.

The fabric the seller is designated as polyester with fleece lining. Nice fabric, looks like a knit cotton, inside faux fur:

This fur lining is sewn around the perimeter of the sweatshirt. And the hood:

And the sleeves:

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From this we can conclude that it will be warm (I hope so). The sleeves and hip are elastic.

So the bottom blow out is not that also good in cool, windy spring and autumn weather.
The zipper works, the tongue metal. There are pockets, pretty deep can to warm hands.

The color is light grey, without inscriptions and drawings, respectively, can wear a t-shirt with almost any pattern or image.

Overall, the hoodie looks warm, but the main test drive it will be held in the spring.
It is hoped that this gift of my son will be pleased.

Again, I ordered here.