Sweatshirt Toyouth — just «space»!

It is not the first I buy products on Aliexpress. From personal experience of the buyer with the A2 level, I can say that the store is Toyouth – it’s a godsend. Here is their official page on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. The price and quality
  2. Dimensions and where to buy
  3. Pro shop

The price and quality

Yes, things are expensive, and you can find something at the same price on seasonal sales in malls. But this quality for a similar price I have not seen, and fashion design from Toyouth really extraordinary, overcame expensive. It’s not the things you buy on Ali to save.

Toyouth have their own special style, perfect for everyday wear. In addition to casual and sportswear, you can find elegant dresses, blouses. I bought here five things, and have not regretted. This one I bought on this page to Ali. I think they are even better different top models from the brand Lossky or the highly touted Artka.

However, fleece jackets Toyouth quickly take pellets, but otherwise a very interesting brand, with prices above average on Aliexpress. This store often glimpsed in promotions of the website in brand-focus.

Sizes in popular stuff is not always available, but you can add to favorites and wait. Or write to the seller, he usually responds quickly. It is advisable to contact them before payment and indicate whether all there.

Hoody is insulated with soft fleece. On the inside tag written composition in Chinese. From the description it follows that the composition of: cotton of 51.3% polyester and 48.7 per cent. The tag numbers match. The fabric is very pleasant to the body. The underside of the embroidery use, I haven’t seen such performance, even on expensive clothes.

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Before, I always took a size L in the store Toyouth. This time took a chance and took M as there was L, the amount it came to my options: hip 104, waist 78, bust 96, height 160 cm, weight 62 kg. did Not loose but not tight. What we need for the winter.

Dimensions and where to buy

Measurements of the sweatshirt:

  • length from underarm 37 cm
  • total length 58 cm,
  • sleeve from armpit 44 cm,
  • bust on one side of 48 cm.

Bought a hoodie for $ 24.50, discounted price.

Pro shop

The store itself is unknown we have manufacturer Toyouth I found by chance, not even on the Council. Just ordered a sweater for my son, then a sweater for my husband, then I realized — things here are completely worth the money!

And this is a definite way to stand out, now all my friends ask where I pick up the clothes so well. I send them on an official store page on Aliexpress.

Here found a video on the Internet. This manufacturer is very famous in China and they even make their impressions of the new models: