Sweater from Aliexpress with reindeer, snowflakes and Santa Claus

I’d like to leave a review on mens sweater with an interesting image in the form of Santa Claus, which I ordered on sale November 22.

I am a long time choosing a sweater, I wanted to take some original and unusual. In the end, stopped on this model. I will say one thing, absolutely not regret it.

The cost and shipping

The contents

  1. The cost and shipping
  2. Overview
  3. Opinion and where to buy

November 22, passed a huge discount on AliExpress and I decided to take advantage of it. In particular, this sweater was marked down 33 percent and its cost amounted to 550 rubles. Free shipping. It was immediately stated that the sweater will be for 24-39 days. Not deceived, the sweater was delivered directly to the New Year, 25 December. I even saw the New Year in this sweater. Bought here.


I’m a boy not small: height 190 cm, weight 85 kgs, so was looking for a sweater with big size. In this model, the sweaters, the biggest size was 2XL. Here’s what I ordered. Size I was not wrong and guessed accurately — 2XL perfect fit for me. Sits great in the shoulders, length of sleeves, too, was a good fit. It should be noted that at home I wear clothes XL and it fits me perfectly when ordering on AliExpress, constantly take clothes a size bigger to make sure.

The seller indicated that the sweater is made from polyesterand really are. The material is nice, nice to wear it, it sits perfectly on the body. To the touch the material is good.

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Opinion and where to buy

I bought this model because of the interesting pattern and it is important that it was well executed and was not erased with time. And well, that the drawing is made with high quality and very bright. Several times I washed the sweater, nothing «Vasteras», the drawing has not lost its color and looks flawless.

It should be understood that the polyester is an artificial fabric, so the sweater is not really warm. It is winter and I wear it very rarely, mostly at home during the holidays. Don’t even think about what this sweater will warm You up.

Already waiting for warming small to wear it continuously and well to test it. Well, while I can say that it is worth the money, never regretted the purchase. Again, bought it for Ali here.