Super earphone xiaomi 1more kim chul !

Don’t know exactly how it is correct to call this a well-known company: Xiaomi (how to read English) or Xiaomi (as experts say Chinese), but I will do full review on this miracle of technology for real music fans.

Generally, the company doesn’t produce anything itself, but enters into contracts with manufacturers of branded goods to manufacturing products under their own brand, then she promotes and monitors the quality. In this case — not an exception, 1 More Design deals with the development and production of headsets, known among music lovers in many countries of the world.

Appearance with case

Bought these headphones for 25.99$ on Aliexpress at the official representative of Xiaomi here. Package came exactly one month (the chosen standard), track to track to the point of delivery. The product came in a normal package, with no foam. The headphones were in the box with instructions on the inside, the inside of which was a branded metal case 1MOREeven in photographs hung pack «Black diamond» — for this seller a special thank you, a metal case is more practical.

The contents

  1. Kit and according to the description
  2. The sound quality
  3. Where to buy

Kit and according to the description


Included were the ear pads (pair foam and two pairs of «rabbit ears»), the reel wires and the earphones themselves.

In the description of design I was attracted by two points: the Kevlar fiber and gold plated plug. The first was to prevent the tangling of wires, the second oxidation, in order to minimize the loss of sound. To my delight, it was confirmed: headphones tangled and, of course, but they really are easier to untangle (apparently, the Kevlar friction coefficient is higher).

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The sound quality

As for sound quality — at the height of it. Before that I used a budget model «uschey» from Sennheiser, and the sound had no complaints. But 1MORE I discovered new horizons of sound. Especially, of course, a noticeable difference in the bass.

I tried to put in your equalizer, the maximum value and included bassbosted-track. At first I did not understand his feelings, and when put speakers on the palm, I realized that they vibrate quite noticeably. To me it slightly reminded subwoofer in the car. Then, still by analogy with the subwoofer, I tested the high frequency. The sound was clear, without crackles and hiss. From all this I concluded that the stated frequency range (20-20000 Hz) is likely true. This model has another advantage — remote that has three buttons (to decrease/increase the volume, take a call).
The result: 10 out of 10

Where to buy

Well, in the beginning, I already gave a link to, or you can just search Aliexpress to specify the full model and look for a cheaper one. Below there is a button and you can also try macmagazine crosspost, which will be sought from all the popular stores in China.

View the product card and price on Aliexpress >>


P. S. the Owners of smartphones from Xiaomi will be useful to know that you can set specific EQ settings for this headset.

P. P. S. Here are a couple videos I found on YouTube (he, unfortunately, are not able to remove or afraid