Summer women’s straw hat Furtalk

To start with, hat really Furtalk of straw (not paper and it is not clear what material is, it is a good straw), the beautiful shapes and colors, with a rather neat black ribbon as decoration (material from the tape, in my opinion, not the best). Bought here on this page on Aliexpress at the official seller of this brand.

The contents

  1. Convenience
  2. Appearance
  3. Quality
  4. Where to buy


The hat is attached to the rope in silver color with metal fittings, sewn on firmly, give the hat «fly» in the wind. On his head sits a good size one, but most women think it will fit.

Sun protection try it once, and nowhere, but it looks like something quite practical. In the summer case will not lie, with her safely to the beach.

About shipping: ordered something around the fourth of January, sent four days later, eighth, wrote to seller, they say why so long, and the parcel is immediately sent) this Means that customers shop knows how to work. The parcel is tracked throughout the journey and was issuing the first of February (city Kaliningrad). Delivery in almost a month for aliexpress is considered acceptable.


I would also like to talk about the form in which it was delivered — about packing. And to say there is nothing particularly good. In the comments of satisfied customers boasted that they and has an air cushion inside the hat is put and does not crease anything, but I probably was not lucky.

My hat was delivered in the conventional package, folded in half, and about an ideal form can not speak, a little (thank God!) hesitated. Had to use the tips from the Internet (вернуть-форму-соломенной-шляпе). And they were writing to better Packed — hat was planned as a gift. Okay.

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Many of the customers wrote about the ideal Furtalk quality of manufactured products. And it is certainly impossible to say — whether I’m very picky, if the rest was more.

To start with seams — they’re not perfect. Crooked, protrude slightly where necessary, intercede on each other and the winds. But you should give credit to the bright threads on a background of straw to see them, if only to look at with a clear objective to see the shoals.

What can be said about the base of the hat by the black tape — it tape sewn black thread. And it is not necessary to set them out, you can hide better — short black stitches and the protruding ends were in several places.

The tape itself is sewn well, strong and not fall off (except a little uneven). Inside the hat is a black fabric strip for a secure fit (?), in the comments wrote something about its absorption of sweat from the head (by the look of the hat should be airtight).

The thread was within a short and a longer any light, easily cut and the view is not spoiled. But as a judge, too.

Where to buy

Send from China, a single standard size. Free shipping. Overall, the hat is good, maybe the recipient will appreciate. On the item page, five colors: beige three (with different color ribbons), one grey and one pink.

If other hats store Furtalk does not like (and by the summer will certainly be a new collection), take suggest. From small stocks it can be removed, gift will go (on the hat was branded labels and label store). I, slappy, hoping the quality of the store with such good reviews

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Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Can also recommend wicker purse rattan Fonmor. They are each other’s perfect complement with this straw hat!