Stylus pen for Wacom pen tablet HUION

Stylus pen for Wacom pen tablet Huion. The exact model of the tablet, which will fit W58 HUION H420 DWH69 WH1408 K36 K56 K68, and is also suitable for any product made by Wacom.

Bought for 1,390 rubles (about $ 21) from Aliexpress here. The product was approximately 3 weeks in Ulyanovsk oblast by regular mail, which is fast enough for AliExpress.

Came in good multilayer packaging, without any damages and flaws. Included was a USB cord to connect the stylus to the graphic tablet.

Wire the integrity of the coating is not damaged. The color of it and the wire is white with grey elements. As when buying, for some reason, the pen was not included, it had to be purchased separately for a lot of money.

So I decided to search the Internet, came across this product from AliExpress. Given the rather small amount of goods, have different doubts, but decided to take a chance, and I was right!

Product very pleased. The only drawback was the fact that there was no extra tips for the stylus, but it’s not such a big problem, as these tips are «worn down» very slowly. Besides, acute need, they can easily get at the store where it was purchased myself a graphics tablet.

The USB wire is for charging the handle. When enabled, POPs up the installation window, where it is easy to configure.

Wacom and HUION computer stylus you can see, this problem does not arise. All advise this product, in my experience and the experience of friends made sure that the seller is reliable. Again, here’s a direct link to it on Ali.

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