Stylish youth backpack for girls RANYUE a Preppy look

Long wanted and finally decided to order a backpack Preppy style on the website Aliexpress. Has chosen according to many criteria, so it was small, compact, neat, with an interesting image and, most importantly, inexpensive. At that time the cost was about 560 rubles, and it became a decisive factor.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Conclusion

Where to buy

The goods ordered on Ali here on this page in mid-February, and it came just two weeks in the mail, and in early March I received in the mail a package.

The backpack was well Packed, was not dented. There were no factory defects or flaws. However, a few days was the persistent smell of plastic from the product, so I had to «ventilate» him on the balcony and hanging out with him, only after he was gone.


Sometimes pulled out of the seams a little SAG, but they were not so distinct. Incidentally, in the package, the seller put some elastic as a gift.

Fabric backpack — very thin skin.Deputy, pleasant to the touch, without stains and holes.

The drawing is very colorful, the same as in the photo. The strap is also of very thin fabric, so had doubts about whether they will survive a lot of weight.

The inside is lined with a soft fabric, it has no branches, empty space. Only pocket inside for small items.

After a month of using the backpack serves me faithfully. It fit textbooks, books, enough great things. Sometimes a thermos of tea, and a bag of flour.

It is suitable for walking, but hardly for learning activities where they will have to wear in a lot of books and notebooks, or for the work which will have to carry heavy loads. Because lightning in fact turned out to be very flimsy, especially upset me a little front pocket. There I put the stick and the keys almost lost everything because during travelling zipper just broke, exposing the inner contents

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The main zipper is still holding, however, the visible protruding threads, which indicate that strong lightning overload will just drift away from the fabric and the backpack will become useless.


In conclusion, we can say that for its small price backpack preppy style a very good and met all my expectations, although it, like many other products, there are small flaws, which rather blame the manufacture and not the seller.

Fast delivery compared to other products. Backpack performs all functions assigned to it. I’m happy with the purchase. Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Excellent to match women’s platform sneakers brand TENDPOLY and summer straw hat Furtalk.