Stylish women’s tote bag-transformer Xiniu

To find the beautiful thing is sometimes very difficult. But print three kind of ladies have long been familiar. I wanted to find the green handbag with a funny image. Besides attracted a great functional bag-backpack.

This is an interesting feature of the bag transfer Xiniu, namely that there are two crotch strap, not one. And the end we get a kind of transformer, and convenient clasps snap securely and easily.

The contents

  1. Convenience
  2. Quality
  3. Mode «Backpack»
  4. Opinion


As for the size, it is small, compact, so to speak, but it’s quite spacious.

Wallet, purse, mobile phone and a lot of little things went quiet. In the back pocket even has a hole for headphones.


The product itself is very good, strong and good locks, all seams are hidden, no unpleasant smell. Even Packed well, in a canvas bag.

Print bright and very organic look. Front picture of the three ladies of a kind appearance, while the rear is just a colored background similar to the painted anti-stress picture.

But all looks very nice, coupled with gold clasps. Even the earphone hole sealed Golden circle.

All this fun cost only $ 10. The description given on Aliexpress matches, bought here.

Mode «Backpack»

Backpack wide, it has three pocket. The first near print small. Followed by a spacious second back angle fit even the tablet at 8 inches, however if the backpack is a bit lost in the form, however after removing any trace of strain gone.

Well, the last under player or phone, it is at the top and a hole for headphones. I use it for two weeks and he patiently endured all my experiments and attempts to cram down the things that didn’t quite fit and is not even approached.

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And there would be a positive review, if not one big BUT… shipping.

I always chose ePacket, one of the most rapid and adequate delivery services, but the vendor cheated and sent by China Post.

The main lure from the seller was free shipping is the selected shipping me, but it probably was a publicity stunt. On all questions the seller (Xiniu Bag Store) bustled and talked saying that he knows better and he tries for me.

So the parcel instead of the usual 2-3 weeks I had to wait more than a month. So be careful when choosing the store, but the bags are worth it, despite the price. I can say that the item is durable and very comfortable to wear, bought on this page on Aliexpress.

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