Stylish thermo Yihao from Aliexpress — review and opinion

With the arrival of winter for daily long walks with two young children I needed a travel mug for coffee or tea. I decided to buy it on Aliexpress.

For me the main requirements was that the mug does not shed and long kept warm. Before this purchase I had different copies of thermochromic: and cheap, and expensive.

I can say that this is a great option for the money (bought approximately 660 rubles). Keep warm for 2-3 hours easily (probably longer, test not attempted), inside is stainless steel, the mugs have a rubberized bottom, which allows it to firmly and stably stand on any surface.

The lid has a sturdy latchto protect from curious small children’s hands. I often mug is in the Cup holder on the stroller is the carrycot, and from it nothing spills and doesn’t leak out unlike all my previous copies. It’s a variant mugs sippy.

It is worth noting a nice look — I have a Golden color, looks very stylish. It is also possible to choose red, white, and black versions.

Although the cashier was rather big (its volume is 500 ml), it was quite comfortable to hold in the hand thanks to its shape. From the outside of the mug does not heat up even if you pour the boiling water.

Odors I was found. To Moscow was about three weeks by regular Mail Russia parcel can be traced, and it was soundly Packed in a special air package, which has come without damages ordered here:

The mug I use for more than a month and I can say that more than happy with the purchase, nothing broken, scratches did not appear. Once I have even fell from his hand on the pavement, on the circle formed only one small dent that does not worsen its quality.

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We ordered the same mug for my husband for a long morning on the road to the Moscow traffic jams. I think that he also needs to evaluate it very well. Really worth the money.