Stylish humidifier iCoco

Here is a couple of years, with the beginning of the heating season, begin to suffer from very dry air. Deteriorates and peels off the skin, often get sick sore throat, runny nose, General cold. Decided I just need to purchase a humidifier. First look at the instruments in the popular shops in the city, the price is very high, about 80$. In General, decided to order from aliexpress.

The contents

  • Where to buy
  • How to use
  • In the work
  • Review (price/quality)
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Where to buy

    Cost about 37$. I was available as a discount of 20 %. So that went much cheaper. Bought here. But if you are from Russia, it is best to book in the section Aliexpress Tmall herethat was fast shipping from a warehouse in Russia and warranty.

    Because I wanted to save as much as possible choose delivery by ordinary mail. The order was long, about 1.5 months (from Tmall came in a week maximum). The post office received a box of very ugly, all the corners are dented, but the device itself was unharmed.

    In the product description and user comments on the website it was stated that the plug for the Chinese outlets, but the seller puts the adapter and everything works fine. Since I’m «lucky» adapter in my parcel was not there. Husband cut native the plug and put standard took minutes 5 minutes skillfully, but still unpleasant residue remained.

    How to use

    Water is poured into the tank from the bottom, its a volume of 2.3 l, after it is flipped and inserted in a special slot. Here we were also waiting for trouble, was not immediately and some of the water spilled into the device.

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    The mechanism is located in the lower part in plastic, but when used carelessly or for example if you shake a working device water easily fills chips. Nothing terrible happened, dried it and launched, it worked. But this, as you know is not safe. If inadvertently you can flip to short.

    When working are very quiet hum, does not interfere with sleep perfectly, the top goes a thin trickle of cold air, as vapor, not temperature, and with the help of ultrasound.

    On the hull the bottom is a reservoir for oil, as stated in order to add in the air besides the humidity, the smell of essential oils. A couple of times tried the effect or the odor is not noticed and stopped to use this feature.

    On the housing of the humidifier, there is one knob, one button and led.

    The led serves as an indicator that the water is over. By the way, really important and necessary function, as once the water ran out, the device will automatically turn off. It is very convenient in the night, the first time was a work, but after checking repeatedly calmed down.

    Rotating the switch regulates the flow of steam. The spread is quite large, but you can use only one mode somewhere in the middle. If you put on a little power there is no effect at all, and if at maximum, then gradually begins to form a noticeable puddle under the body.

    If you leave it in too long, it will flow onto a noticeable amount of water and will ruin the furniture.

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    Tested on their own poor experience. The only button serves to turn on a soft blue illumination in the dark it looks very good and serves as a slight nightlight.

    In the work

    Now, about that effect. When buying large expectations did not build, was hoping the max that will cease so much to dry lips and skin. But the purchase has exceeded my expectations.

    Was much less pain as the mucous membranes of the nose and throat do not dry out and their protective properties work at maximum. Constantly during the heating season check body temperature infrared thermometerto quickly and very accurately.

    I stopped using a cream for moisturizing face and lip balm at home. The overall condition is much better, I’ll use humidifiers and 100 %. The device is very useful.

    The thrill of the purchase is questionable, as the quality of the device is very not very =). Using the season using the broken fan, and the water ceased to rise. Had to order a new one in the same on aliexpress to find it was not a problem, apparently I’m not the first one he went down. To be fair we have still some time until it breaks completely. After buying a more expensive model.

    Review (price/quality)

    If you evaluate the price, of course, for the price expect something would not be fair, so overall I was satisfied with the purchase. But if you want a quality device for a long time, probably still should spend a large sum, it’s worth it. You might like the proven humidifier from the manufacturer Alanchi, here’s a review on it.

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    • Low price;
    • All the rest is perfect;
    • Runs quietly;
    • Used as a night light;
    • Cute design under the tree.


    • Poor build quality;
    • Poor quality parts;
    • Not safely;
    • Uncomfortable to pour water;
    • Quickly failed.

    Again, bought here on Aliexpress. But if you are from Russia, it is better to order on Tmall here, as shipping will be much faster, plus guarantee!