Stylish headphones Gorsun

Needed to buy a gift for niece’s birthday. Liked these colorful headphones. Headphones a year and a half was used by child, last six months I continue wearing them. Ordered on Aliexpress for $ 15 here on this page. Kiev was taken over 27 days.

Headphones Gorsun it arrived intact, packaging intact. Included were instructions in Chinese, so features had to Google yourself.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. The quality of the material
  3. Insulation
  4. The wire and plug. Compatibility with different devices
  5. No microphone
  6. Sound
  7. Insights
  8. Video


The first thing that attracts in these brand Gorsun is appearance. They are modern, bright and simple. Nothing more.

All joints and seams are neat. Main material plastic and faux leather on the pads. They are soft and comfortable, do not press on the ears. Not moving out when moving, hold well.

Earphones are very delicate and light, almost not felt on the head. The size of the headband is adjustable. Headphones well suited for adults and for children.

They can be folded to headphones take up less space — so they are easier to carry, you can even cram in a woman’s handbag. The cord is long enough, it is enough in any situation. Bright colors children like very much and the color will not tarnish over time.

The quality of the material

Please note that the headphones in the photo operated for two years, and has experienced more than one fall. But it look like new. The material quality, no dents, leather climbed.

Sound degradation over time were not observed. Headphones look sturdy and stable, although in practice it is certainly not necessary.

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Another positive point — good soundproofing. Headphones sit close to the ears and almost passed out external sounds, so nothing will prevent you to enjoy music.

The sound in Gorsun also not heard by others. On full volume the music is not audible to others even in complete silence, so you no one will interfere. You can use them even in traffic when everyone is asleep.

The wire and plug. Compatibility with different devices

Wired headphones, plug the straight. Well suited for a laptop, but with mobile phones it is constantly better not to use – the wire is quite thin, the plug is inserted in the phone will constantly twitch, bend and can quickly become worthless.

The length of the wire is suitable for use with laptop and lets you sit at a comfortable distance. Plug the most common form, suitable for almost any modern device.

No microphone

Have headphones Gorsun GS-778 no built-in microphone. Keep this in mind when buying. They will not fit you if you frequently talk on Skype or are stream. For passive music listening headphones definitely good, but to talk through them uncomfortable. The interlocutor will not hear you, he will be disturbed by interference and the sound of «buckets».


Audio format — stereo. Each earphone is over the speaker, making the sound more «surround». The sound quality is a subjective thing. This is not professional headphones and they hardly will approach music fans and connoisseurs of impeccable clear sound.

Gorsun GS-778 – headphones lower segment for simple daily use and watching movies. The sound in the headphones is loud enough, the bass is heard well. But level control bass no.

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The sound can not be called clean and rich – a little distortion there, some detail is lost. But all these technical details are only important to audiophiles.


Who likes these headphones?

Gorsun GS-778 fits almost any device and sit well on the head. Bright colors like children. The quality of the material and plating are acceptable, but the wire is quite fragile and can break with active use.

Gorsun GS-778 do not pass extraneous sounds. You can also note a relatively affordable price. Headphones is unlikely to suit avid music fans and streamers, but in everyday use critical flaws have not. It is a good gift for a child.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend CATASSU stylish headphones and Cat Ears Headphones ears character.