Stylish headphones CATASSU

I bought these headphones on Aliexpress here.

Familiarity with headphones CATASSU began with a not very pleasant moment. I received the box, and something inside her rumbles. First, and not thought it was the headphones, but the printing is angry, because the strange sound was already expected some breakage. Enabling and checking, it turned out that everything works, except for one ear. It turned out that it was no longer speaker.

I had to disassemble it and carry out repairs. At first I just put it back, but periodically he again fell away, from the slightest shake. Due to the frequent opening of the ear to get to the speaker, the rubber pad, which rested on three black panels suddenly lost one of them:

Not wanting to lose another output was the adhesion dynamics. From that moment on, everything works.

Wireless headphones with microphone CATASSU.

Ordered the usual free mail to Ukraine (Zaporozhye). Was little more than a month. For goods paid$ 12. The link to the product.

Included with the product came with two cables:

  • the standard for charging;
  • with built-in 3.5: if the headphones suddenly runs out of power somewhere along the way — it is possible to insert the cable into the phone and listen to music.

The contents

  1. Device
  2. Functionality
  3. Video


Led light glows red while charging and blue when the headset is included.


  • 3.5;
  • for charging;
  • the entrance for the memory card, which can also be listened to music.


  • convenient on/off button — sliding, clamping is unknown how much and to wait;
  • stop/start button;
  • fast track/answer call;
  • adjust the volume or switch tracks.
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With the last functional button can’t be friends. Operation: press once — the track is switched, clamped for a few seconds — changing the volume.

The second from the bottom — volume down, song forward, fourth from the bottom — volume up, the song ago. I have the same they work erratically. The same button toggles the song sometimes forward, sometimes back.

With the volume all the problems may not respond to pinching. Therefore, if you want to change something — to get out his phone.

Soft lining on the ears especially the quality of the same, just a couple of months of almost everyday use began to jam and crack, and the white gradually turns into yellow.

The part that adheres to the top — rubberized, high-quality. Basically, headphones are made of plastic. Flexion and extension is working fine in that part of the physique sturdy, handy when you need to hide somewhere. Overall look rahlenko.


Charge CATASSU keep well — about 8 hours exactly, charged for about 3 hours. The sound is excellent, loud, the whole bus is listening to my music.
The microphone is not happy, always, if you need to talk, you have to remove the headphones and switch on the phone, otherwise, the source I absolutely can not hear.

Bluetooth also works so-so. If the phone is in my pocket in my pants, then when you turn your head the sound may disappear, depends on which side lies the phone. The house of lost sound at 4 meters with a single obstacle and about 6 meters without obstacles. The manufacturer stated a range of 10 meters.

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Use CATASSU for more than six months in, I’m good, failed a couple of times just because of the fact that he forgot to charge in time, is not going to change. Once again, I took them on Aliexpress here.