Stylish children’s play Mat-bag

After the son learned to crawl, the question arose on what to play. On the couch to leave it was already unsafe, it just pushed all the fencing down.

Arena he perceived very bad, the baby does not tolerate the restriction of freedom, to play in it refused flatly. Had to let go on the floor, respectively, needed a play Mat.

To buy the normal foam in the form of a puzzle (I think most parents understand what I mean) not like, or would his son very quickly, and the look of these rugs I don’t like. On Aliexpress on this page, I stumbled on this wonderful Mat-bag:

Cost pad $ 23.58. Came in about three weeks.

Just from the seller are thirteen colors. There are options for boys and girls. Meet the cutest neutral model. Peppa pig, touching a gray shearling, funny animals, road for toy cars – a lot of drawings and they are very different, so that you can choose for every taste.

We chose a very male-pattern – shield of captain America. A rug I think would look good in the teenage room, if I live, of course.

The rug came in a standard mail package, and inside was Packed in a bag, complete was cotton cord, through which the Mat can quickly turn into a bag for toys.

The seller specifies the size of the Mat is 150cm, it is not. In fact – 143 see Regretted the Chinese material.

The Mat is stitched from natural cotton, which is very good considering that the baby is constantly touching the handles, and can even chew on. Between the two layers of fabric, felt padding, so sitting on the floor is not cold. Thanks quite a common stitch, insulation after washing, do not konchaetsya. The reverse side of the Mat of dark fabric with stars on it is anti-slip dots which help. The Mat does not slip on the laminate.

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Along the perimeter of the Mat has holes with metal edges, into which is threaded the cord. Thanks to him, toys can be assembled in just a minute, it was enough to pull the cord and everything was in the bag. However, had the cord removed, his son continuously tries to pull.

Wash the Mat in the car, on the color of underwear at 40-50 degrees. The color is not lost, the pellets are not covered, the metal parts are not rusted. It dries very quickly.

Overall, I am very happy with the purchase. Recommend as a stylish and useful accessory for the nursery. Again, I bought it on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend different safe toys for children brand Huile Toys and children’s blanket fleece.