Studio monitor headphones SAMSON SR850

SAMSON SR850 Studio monitor headphones are semi-open type and are intended for occupations that involve recording audio, monitoring while mixing and mastering, as well as allow you to enjoy good sound in video games.

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  1. What does «semi-open» type or a few sentences about the types
  2. About Samson
  3. Really good value for price/quality
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What does «semi-open» type or a few sentences about the types

There are three types of headphones: open, semi-open/semi-closed and closed.

  1. Open type partially miss the sound: when using them you can hear what’s happening nearby, and ambient sound from the earphone (if the corresponding volume). It may not be suitable if you want «privacy», not to hear the ambient sounds and do not disturb other people. Open the «ears» can be noted the high degree of naturalness, transparency and detail of the sound — MIDs and upper frequencies they are wonderful, and the lower bass is less pronounced.
  2. Closed headphones immerse themselves in the process of listening to: ambient sounds they cannot be heard to other people the sound is also not audible. Well defined low frequency: here they are deep and powerful.

About Samson

And now it’s time to move on to the review of the data Samsonov

Semi-open type headphones is the «Golden mean» or at least attempt to come to her. Specifically, SAMSON SR850 heard well as middle and upper frequency, and lower.

They heard all the details that are unable to Express normal headphones and speakers. Ideal for information, because they heard really any «school», for example any remote noise that I haven’t been able to notice, identify and correct, but which generally degrades the sound of the instrument and the whole composition.

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Now it is possible not to be soared because SAMSON SR850 hear literally everything, nothing is lost.

You hear everything as it is: this model headphone does not embellish the sound and plays it most reliable. As far as I know, for some it can be a disadvantage — if your listening material there are any blemishes, you will certainly hear. Personally, I find this a huge plus.

In addition to using for music, mixing and recording sound, I use them as the main homework: watch video, listen to music and play. The games sound is usually meet professionals, so play nice, all is good here.

If the wall of someone moving, I immediately recognize and use the advantage. In films, serials, cartoons are also all excellent — rich, high-quality, pleasant sound, provided by a team of professionals. About YouTube, therefore can not say the same, because here depends on how the author of the channel approaches the sound in its content.

The only feature I do not consider the disadvantages: in comparison to the existing home speaker, the model slightly increased the treble.

That is when I have music in the SR850, and then switch to speakers, I notice that not enough leaders. A similar remark I saw in the comments to the product. The solution is simple: in the equalizer (within the system or third party software) to reduce the treble so that the sound in the headphones and the speakers was similar. I didn’t change, because for me it is not critical.

Really good value for price/quality

Acquired SAMSON in November on Aliexpress here on this page for 1588 RUB, taking into account various discounts and coupons.

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Delivered to Tyumen per month (regular mail), 8 days less than the period specified by the seller (38 days). Headphones were Packed in a cardboard box, wrapped in soft material. For a set price (at time of writing) in 1937,9 RUB, the data of Studio headphones is just perfect.

For musicians who need equipment initial class, as well as the highest efficiency that can be achieved in this price segment — «Samson» SR850 are a choice and a priority option to buy.

At the request of the seller the frequency response is from 10 Hz to 30 kHz RMS. Impedance — 32 Ohm, which is standard for this kind of the ears. With such resistance is to be expected sensitivity — 98 DB.

Additionally, it is possible to note that despite the fact that «ears» are a monitor, in my experience, they may be used as a media.

Personal rating 5/5. I can still recommend an excellent professional condenser microphone Kebidumei SF-666.