Studio microphone MK GEVO F100TL with ministation

Ordered Studio microphone MK GEVO F100TL with usb for 1700 rubles from AliExpress here on this page, the product came in about two, three weeks in Samara Russia mail.

After I began to print the package, I noticed that the box is crumpled, but in General it does not affect the quality of the product. The microphone was good, I found no defects, except one, on the MIC setting ECHO sticks out more than VOLUME, but this is my personal nitpicking.

The contents

  1. Choice
  2. Sound card and settings
  3. Experience and opinion
  4. Conclusion


I was looking for a MIC that would suit me for recording, due to the fact that my budget was limited, I decided to choose among Chinese models.

I searched the half Internet, watched a bunch of reviews and ordered this microphone because it comes with a tripod. Also I considered the microphone BM-800, but I didn’t buy it because the kit was not a cheap tripod, but only the most expensive supply that exceeds my budget several times. But I even thought that we can take BM-800 for 900 rubles and attach it with tape to the lamp, but it’s my sick fantasy.

Sound card and settings

Okay, send it to run and I was extremely shocked how awful he is, but he’s definitely different from my microphone 250 rubles to 70 percent in productivity and quality.

But still I missed it and I was a little upset. I started surfing the Internet and stumbled on utuber, who said that the case in the sound card and it only cost 50-70 rubles. To me it’s a relief and I relaxed, and went to order a sound card on Aliexpress.

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It’s been three weeks and the sound card came in, it changed my attitude to this microphone. Only it is necessary to set the parameters of VOLUME in the middle and then everything will be fine when processing in adobe autdition, it also helped me honey YouTube.

Experience and opinion

After 6 months of use I found a few downsides. One of which is very significant, and the other is relatively problematic.

Start from the most simple to the most essential.

  1. The first disadvantage, the microphone records differently, depends on how he stands, that is, the noises appear and then disappear;
  2. Minus the second, to somehow get rid of heavy noise in all positions need to buy a pop filter or take mother’s stockings and put on the circle. As a variant — to fasten something out of foam that I can find;
  3. The third disadvantage is the most significant, or something is wrong, either with the microphone. I haven’t moved the MIC virtually, he stood by me in fact always to the same provisions, but his contact came, then departed. This problem is still not solved, I do not understand the contacts, so now trying to keep the balance of his stay and work.


Summing up, the microphone, in principle, excellent for the cost. It is better for the price you will not find anything. But if you add on top, you suggest its main competitor Zeepin bm-800, it is more expensive, but better. My assessment of the MK F100TL with USB 8 out of 10 in terms of price and quality. I’m satisfied with them. Remember, this took on Aliexpress here.

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