Stroller Yoya plus 2

For a long time, choosing a stroller for the younger child. I wanted to get everything in one bottle and comfortable for the baby and for me. These strollers have become very popular in Russia and I stopped the choice on them.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Features
  3. Frame
  4. Textiles
  5. Quality and convenience
  6. My review

Where to buy

Ordered 12 December 2018 on Aliexpress here on this pagecame Stroller Yoya plus 2 in 26 days (pretty fast for orders via AliExpress) a transport company PEK, delivery was to the point of delivery, for Express delivery you can pay extra, but I didn’t.

Price with coupon seller made 6.257 rubles.

After the order, the store Manager contacted me, asked for passport information for the transport company (name, date of birth, series and number of passport, address), after 10 days I received an SMS from the transport company that the goods received for transportation.

The stroller came in a box without damage, well Packed, items that may be damaged during shipping carefully wrapped parallel and tape.

Yoya plus 2 is designed for babies from 6 months, but the back has a horizontal position, so it can be used at an earlier age.


  • Seat width -38 cm
  • Berth length – 82 cm
  • The back angle is 175 degrees,
  • Wheelbase width – 40 cm (rear wheel), 26 cm (front wheels),
  • The parent handle height – 102 cm (handles adjustable height),
  • Folded 55 cm by 27 cm
  • Weight – 6.2 kg

The maximum weight of a child up to 20 kg (the Chinese in the description often write that the stroller can withstand a load of 60 kg, maybe, but not while riding).

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According to the manufacturer, the frame is made of pure aluminum, most likely it is because the Stroller is really lightweight and durable. Frame colour can be selected when ordering, I chose the black, since white frame more visible scratches and rust.

On the rear wheel axis set the foot brake, the front wheels rotate 360 degrees, there is a possibility of fixing wheels in position «directly».

On the parent handle and the bumper pads are made of eco-leather , this is convenient because these sites are usually quickly erased, and no longer have the original look, the new braid you can order on AliExpress, the cost is about 200-250 rubles.

In the front wheels built into the shock absorbers, they are short, a special effect of their presence I don’t notice the irregularities of the child in the stroller shakes, but that was to be expected. The wheels are made of plastic with an admixture of rubber, the material is called EVA, after use, within a week they formed little holes, but it’s still better than inflatable wheels.


The fabric from which is made Yoya plus 2, quite durable. A mixture of cotton, it is mixed with synthetics.

Clean is not so difficult, just wipe the contamination with a sponge. The hood is removable it can be washed if necessary.

Quality and convenience

Walking the block. In Yoya plus 2 a lot of little things that create ease in operation and for child and adult:

  1. Wide bed, the baby placed in the stroller and winter overalls;
  2. Deep hood protects from sun and wind;
  3. The crossbar between the legs allows you to wear the baby during the ride, she fastened the two buttons is quite durable;
  4. Five-point safety belts. They have inserts that protect the legs and shoulders from rubbing;
  5. Pocket for small items on the back of strollers for more convenience;
  6. In the supine position the rear wall is detachable and rises upward, it can be mounted on the elastic band, while the headboard has a protective mesh width of about 10 cm On a summer walk during sleep this will allow air to circulate and the child will not sweat;
  7. The bumper is monitored in the middle button and moved to the side, the baby easy to get out of the stroller;
  8. Adjustable footrest that can be raised during sleep and drop when the baby is sitting;
  9. The viewing window in the hood allows you to monitor what is happening during a walk;
  10. Large, roomy basket for small items at the bottom. Undisguised and is low to the ground, you have to be careful not to lay down things that may stain.
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Yoya plus 2 easy folds and unfolds. At first did not understand the technique, looked on YouTube. It’s simple. When folded, you can pull a special handle, like a suitcase and push the stroller on wheels. Case worn so that the wheel remained open and the fabric is not soiled.

The stroller is maneuverable, stable, lightweight, fits in any Elevator. Convenient to take along on a trip.

Equipment rich:

  1. Raincoat
  2. Cape on legs
  3. Cup holder
  4. Mosquito net
  5. Bamboo Mat
  6. Bag carrying
  7. Hand strap
  8. Manual

Having everything in separate bags.

My review

My conclusion: a great stroller for the period from April to November, in winter it will be difficult to pass because of the small wheels.

The price category to 10 thousand rubles, Yoya plus 2 is the best option that I could find.

Use it with March 2019, for 2 months, during this time no accidents have occurred, the stroller is like new, except wheels. Definitely recommend the stroller to buy. Again, bought on Aliexpress via this link.