Stroller Yoya Care Plus

His beloved and indispensable stroller Yoya we are already almost half a year. Ordered it on Aliexpress in August last year. In Novokuznetsk the order came after 39 days.

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Many would not order through Aliexpress such things just because of the fact that they have to wait quite a long time. But we were attracted by the low price, which at the time was $ 102. In our city for the money this stroller never buy. Almost all shops prices reach 10-thousand.

Bought here, we got the goods on the regular mail. The stroller was Packed in a cardboard box in the size 50 on 70 cm I would Like to emphasize that on the box were 3 of the sign by which the workers of the transport services had to treat it with care, i.e. not to quit and not put on her heavy things. I think that’s why our stroller came without any damage.


Going Yoya is very simple. In the box were detailed instructions for the Assembly, but alas it’s not in Russian and in English. In addition to the stroller in the box was a thick, clear package. In it lay the plastic Cup holder, bumper, hook, which is mounted on the handlebar to carry small handbags, bamboo Mat a length of 60 cm with holes for pram straps and a rain cover. For me it was a nice bonus, as in our city, all these items are called accessories for Yoya and sell it for a price.

Special attention is paid to the textile Yoya Care — it is very dense, it can be cleaned with a brush, damp cloth, in addition it is completely removed from the frame, allowing tissue elements is possible without any problems to wash in the machine. In the sun we walked quite a bit, but a couple of months the fabric is not bleached and has not changed its original appearance.

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The stroller frame Yoya Plus is very strong and despite his small weight, able to withstand babies weighing up to 25 kg. Front wheels turn 360 degrees. In the center of the rear wheels is a compact and reliable foot brake.

Under the seat there is a small shopping basket. At first sight it seems not large, but from personal experience I can say that it is excellent includes a standard handbag with all the necessary for a walk things.

The seatbelts of Yoya is quite simple, I think that a child of three can undo, but our year-old child has not yet mastered them.

Opinion from mom

Buy this stroller only six months, I can confidently say that it is the best offer for active moms who take their kids and shop and in any other public place. For walking, you can choose any stroller, and modern life are just that.