Stroller Yoya 175

With the purchase associated with it. For your little miracle you want the best. Today I would like to share your opinion about buying strollers Yoya 175 on Aliexpress.

Initially, my requirements for a new transport to my daughter was: compact, lightweight, comfortable, manageable and trendy. In General all these parameters was more important to mom than the child. After all, the little girl anyway, if only mom was around, but if mom is happy, baby is happy.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Equipment
  3. To use
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

In my city many are engaged in sales of Chinese wheelchairs Yoya. I’m having a good experience shopping on Aliexpress, we decided to order directly from China here on this page are the official representative TGABAYT Stroller Store.

Bought on sale for 4700 rubles In the shops of the city this stroller costs about 7 thousand. Seller communicated and answered all my questions, and there were many.

After submitting the order was issued the track number to track your parcel. Lucky transport company PEK to my town for free, then taken to the apartment for an additional fee. The stroller arrived to Ufa for three weeks.

Packaged in plain box, nothing was damaged.


The kit Yoya 175 includes:

  • removable bumper;
  • bag for carrying and transport of the stroller;
  • the mattress is made of natural bamboo material;
  • podstakannik;
  • shoulder strap;
  • Cape to protect from rain;
  • mosquito net.

To use

Used for 10 months. Only positive impressions. To this stroller was the stroller three in one, use both. Just stroller yoya always lies in the trunk of the car, always with you.

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Going to the Mall, a walk around the city, to nature, to visit, she always finds a use. She’s not as passable as universal Babyhit Evenly Plus, so if you have both it is very convenient.

The first thing I liked about this stroller is compact and lightweight Yoya 175 (about 5 kg). When folded, it takes up very little space, you can carry with you wherever you go, fly a plane, carry it on your shoulder on a special strap.

Following a plus note the lightness of folding-unfolding. You can do it with one hand.

It should also be noted that the stroller is done well, the fabric is thick, durable plastic, the details are not loose and does not rattle during movement.

Another advantage can be considered a good equipment, everything you need is in the kit. Removable textile which is washable. Additional parts can be ordered on aliexpress for example textiles of a different color, the cover on the legs, footrest, etc.

Another positive point is the back, sinking to 175 degrees. You can transport your child from about 5 months. The backrest can be adjusted with a special clamp.

Wheels turn 360 degrees, it improves its manoeuvrability. There are shock absorbers.

And many different the right stuff: a small basket for toys, shopping, window in the hood to look at the child, the bonnet is lowered and well protected from sun/rain.

And, of course, the child in the stroller is good, comfortable, convenient. Sleeper is quite wide, I think up to 3 years, my daughter is safely back fit.

The stroller is very stylish, made in the style of disney cartoon coloring Mickey mouse. I so loved this cartoon as a child! Are unable to resist such a choice.

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Gaps for all time of use do not watch.


So, Yoya 175 stroller is perfect for travel, highly maneuverable, operated with one hand, folds easily-foldable, takes up little trunk space, the house is suitable for children from 5-6 months, looks very stylish, quality made.

Very pleased with purchase, would recommend it to mums who appreciate convenience, comfort, quality, lightness, beauty. Once again, I bought on Aliexpress here.